Amigurumi Woodland Animal Patterns Free

Woodland animals,
Here's a set of free woodland animal patterns all available here on Amigurumi To Go. I designed them all in 2013. I get messages from time to time asking about these three in particular so I thought it would be great to gather up the pattern links to them and then I can link you all up with one easy post!

None of these have a video tutorial and my apologies for that! I have them on the to do list though and sometime in the future each one will get a video tutorial.


  1. Bandit the Raccoon
  2. Beaver
  3. Adorable Mister Fox

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
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  1. Very cute! Planning to make them all in the following winter months! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there! I found your page when I was searching for a baby bird pattern that I saw in a book/kit at Barnes & Noble (called Woodland Crochet). It had all three of the animals that are pictured at the top so I thought maybe I could find my baby bird here too. However, the reason I'm leaving this comment is because when I saw your finished product and compared it with the one from the picture on the box at B&N I realized that yours stands heads and shoulders above the one I would have made from that book. I'm so happy I found your blog. I'm going to try and keep an eye on it from now on. I have no idea how to crochet, yet, but I'm so excited to learn so I can make the wonderful things I'm finding here! Thank you for being a friend to those who are on tight budgets but still want to learn to make cute little crochet things. I just followed you on Pinterest so I'm also looking forward to discovering other patterns that you've found scattered around the internet =) Thanks again! Oh, and if you ever take a look at that Woodland Creatures crochet kit and come up with a way to make that baby bird, nest, and eggs I'd be super excited to see the patterns for those. I'm having a hard time justifying spending money on a kit that only contains one pattern that I want and has yarn + other supplies that I won't use.

    1. aww thank you so very much! I'm so happy you found my blog. I have many patterns that also have videos that will take you from the first stitch to the very last and I also show how to stuff and shape and sew together. These woodland ones don't have videos though. If you're just learning I would try my newer patterns from 2014 onward, those ones have much better videos than my older ones for sure. I'm trying to work my way through older patterns and give them updated videos, it will take me time but I'll get there :)

      I have one older duck pattern with a video that is in 2 parts, the part one of the video is older so it's not that great but if you want to see that duck it is here Also, to help you find your way around I have a search bar in the upper right corner and a label list of patterns on the right side, and just above that is the top 10 patterns of the week.

      Hope you have lots of fun crocheting amigurumi, any questions at all please feel free to ask :)

      Happy Crocheting
      Sharon Ojala

  3. These are adorable and look forward to making them. I first came across your little bigfoot video on YouTube a clue years ago..up until then I didn't think I was up to par to make them but your video was so easy to follow that I'm now hooked (pardon the pun lol) on amigurumi..thank you so much for all you do!

  4. Sharon I am from the UK and have knitted on and off for over 30 years but I have never got the hang of crochet. However since finding your YouTube and blog just over a week ago have made one of your bears and the dress up bunny x Just goes to show an old dog can learn new tricks thanks to your amazing site x

    Thank you so much.

    1. Oh wow, I am so so happy to hear that! You made my day, thank you. Happy crocheting!


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