Amigurumi Duck Video Tutorial

How to Crochet a Duck.

This is an add on to a previous video tutorial. In the first tutorial that was uploaded in early 2013 I had left out how to make the body and the tail because I thought that going over the head stitch by stitch and using the written pattern would be enough for people to make the body and the tail but I realize that some people have difficulty reading written patterns so after a number of requests for help on those skipped parts I made an additional video.

The written pattern is here
Part one of the video tutorial is here
Part two of the video (How to Make the Body and Tail) is  here

 I hope you  enjoy this pattern!
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  1. This duck is so cute, i made one and my mom said that she save it and it will be the first toy for my baby once :) :)
    thank you for your posts, i started crochet few moths ago and i finally found something creative to do :)
    your patterns are awesome ♥
    keep doing it :)

  2. Hi Sharon, I love your animals. I was wanting to know why the head and body of the Duck are separate when all the other animals have the head and body in one.? Thank you.


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