Video How To Crochet I Cord Single Strand Double Strand

UPDATE 2018 ~ I just added a new, shorter video showing how to crochet an i-cord
It is the first video below. I think it's a bit easier to watch than my older video. I hope you enjoy.

Video from 2014:
The I-Cord isn't as hard as I first thought it was so I put a video how to together for you so you can learn this awesome technique as well. This step by step video shows you how to make a single strand plus a double strand I-Cord.

I also made a triple stranded one today, and if you can master the double strand then the triple won't be a problem.

An I-Cord can be used as handles on a bag, as limbs on an amigurumi animal, as
letters and you can make all sorts of shapes. In fact I have made a few projects today with the I-Cord.. check that post out here.

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
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