Crochet Cape For Mouse

As promised here is the cape with hood pattern for the mice.
Pattern for the mouse is here . Scroll down this page for the cape pattern. 
Video tutorial for cape is here.

Copyright 2013 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

Special notes: I worked with a 3.75mm hook and worsted weight yarn. Have any questions or if you come across a mistake in the pattern please leave a message in the comment section below. This pattern will give you a cape and hood that will fit the Mouse. Click here for the mouse pattern

Supplies used:
3.7mm hook
any color of worsted weight medium #4
yarn needle
specialty yarn of your choice for edging the hood
beads or buttons for the closure

ch = chain
st = stitch
sc = single
dc = 1 double crochet
2dc = 2 double crochet in one st
f/o = finish off

CAPE: for the first dc stitch only of each row after row 2 you will start with the 4th st from the hook.
1)ch 19
2) starting with 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch (18)
3) ch 3 and turn, 1dc in first st then 2dc in next st (27)
4) ch 3 and turn, 1dc in next 2st then 2dc in next st (36)
5) ch 3 and turn, 1dc in next 3st then 2dc in next st (45)
6) ch 1 and turn, 1sc in each
f/o leaving a good length to work with later. Weave yarn tail from the bottom where you f/o to the top. You will use this after to either sew a button in place or just use it to tie with the other side to close up the cap.

1) ch 33
2) starting with 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch (32)
3-7) ch 3 and turn, 1dc in each st for 5 rows - remember to ch 3 at the end of every row and for the first st only of each row you will start with the 4th st from the hook.
f/o leave long tail for sewing. Fold hood piece in half and whip stitch the top of both edges together, go through both loops of each stitch on both sides of the hood. Once you reach the end knot off neatly and weave the yarn tail in to hide it.

1) ch 19
2) starting with the 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in each ch (18)
3) ch 1 and turn, 1sc in first st then 2sc in next st (27)
f/o and leave long tail for sewing. Weave the shorter yarn tail in and hide it. Use the longer yarn tail to sew the collar to the cape

First sew the hood and cape together. Turn the hood upside down and whip stitch the bottom edge of the hood to the top edge of the cape as shown. The bottom edge of the hood is a bit longer than the top edge of the cape so you need to push the hood edge from left to right as you whip stitch along. You don't need to push much. Stop every now and then and check on the ends and to make sure they will meet up when you are done sewing. f/o and weave yarn tail in to hide it.

Now you can sew the back collar on. If it doesn't quite fit from end to end just stretch it out a bit until it does fit. Sew the top edge of the collar just under the hood edge. f/o and weave yarn tails in to hide them

Decide now how you want the cape to close. (Also see Granny's outfit for another option.) You could leave the yarn tails as they are and just tie them together or add a bead to each string or you could sew a button in then make one of the yarn tails into a loop that goes over the button to close the cape. I've done all those options and they all work great!

You could also leave the hood edge as it is or add a decorative edge using a specialty yarn as I did. The choices are endless really. You could add a decorative edge to the cape as well if you wanted. Pictured below are some of the specialty yarns I used.

Pull the decorative yarn through the edge of the hood, ch1 and then sc around the entire outer edge, f/o once you get to the other end and weave yarn tail in to hide it.


I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ....... so cute :-)
    Christmas mice themed Christmas for us this year .......

  2. So cute! I love it!
    I have a question, did you have a pattern also for these rats? I loove rats! lol :)

    1. lol, yes the pattern is one post before this one :)

  3. Thank you so much for quick responce! :)

    Yes , I love mices/rats because remember me something magical ... they was always present in tales and in Christmas 's stories/movies too! They are magical for me! :)

    1. I have the same love for them! I am collecting all the books about mice or rats I can find. If you ever get the chance look up Maggie Rudy MouseHouses she has some of the most awesome mouse scenes ever. When you scroll to the bottom of her blog be sure to click older posts for more!

  4. I admire people like you that can create such a beautiful ideas... I wish I could do the same for others... I can draw but I'm not a crochet /knitting expert... I wish so much to learn more and create my own patterns! And when I create, I always smile.... Art is what make an artist fell really happy.

    1. I know that feeling well, I am most happy when I am making something. Keep up with crochet and soon you will be making patterns of your own I'm sure :))

  5. I made one!
    Watch my Blog below, SOOOOO CUTE!

    Hobby Greets,

  6. I could just die!! these are so cute!!

  7. I have about four projects on the go. Everytime I see a new pattern I have to start it. I do say to myself must finish this one first. I haven't been crocheting for very long but I'm totally hooked.

    1. Haha, soo punny, you're hooked!! :D Glad that you have joined the hooking craze! :)

  8. Thank you so much. I crochet my first mouse for my husband. He loves her. Now i make clothes for the mouse. Sorry for my bad english.

  9. I made a pair for my dear sister-in-law who loves mice. She calls them Pixie and Dixie. Each month I crochet a new accessory for the mice for the holiday,season or special event in that month. I only have three months to go and she'll have a full years worth. I really love finding and creating each month's outfits.

  10. Thank you for sharing, love the mice <3

  11. GENIAL ! ce blog est génial .Merci merci beaucoup

  12. Thank you for posting this awesome pattern. I am just learning crochet, and your hooded cape is the second pattern I've every made. I really appreciated how clear and understandable your instructions were. Most just look like gibberish. Yours made sense. I also really appreciated your video, which helped a lot. The style of teaching you used on the video was particularly clear and helpful because you elucidated WHY things are done in a certain manner instead of simply demonstrating mechanical motions.

    I made your hooded cape for my 3lb chihuahua. I used a slightly bigger hook, but otherwise I used all the same chain counts, but made the cape a few rows longer and the hood a row deeper, plus added some extra V-stitching (which I learned from the first pattern I ever did!) for edging. Your cape pattern fits my little dog perfectly.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You're an excellent teacher.

  13. Will this fit your other amigurumi? I'm currently making the bear and would love to make it a cape.

    1. it would fit quite a few of them Somebody just posted today on my facebook page one she made for her bear (the bear from my pattern)
      Bear With Cape

  14. Great Thanks. Thats the bear I'm making :)

  15. Sharon could you leave out the back collar out ?Or do you need the back collar.

  16. Hey do you have a pattern or a video of a Horse. I have learnt to crochet watching your videos. Thank you so much.

  17. I made the mouse and Cape for my niece. First time that I made an animal. It was soo easy to do! Thank you!

  18. Thank you for this so cute mouse. You showed how to make it so easy and follow you step by step. Some go so fast that it's not possible to do for beginners. Loved it

  19. Thank you for a lovely little pattern!


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