Little Red Riding Mouse Free Patterns

Little Red Riding mouse free amigurumi pattern set! Because there are a few different posts I'm linking all the patterns and videos here in one spot. Plus this post has the funnest pictures..wait.. I'm not sure "funnest" is a word so let's say these pictures are the most fun! Ok Let's link you up to patterns already!

Patterns for Little Red Riding Mouse
Additional outfits not part of the Little Red set but will fit the mice
Christmas Hat and Scarf 

 Little Red and Granny have no idea there's a Big Bad Wolf spying on them.. I wonder what's going to happen? Maybe he just wants that basket full of goodies.

Inside Little Red's basket is some fruit, bread, a bagel and my personal favorite, balls of yarn and knitting needles. Maybe the Wolf saw that yarn and wants to make himself a scarf or something and that's why he's lurking in the shadows.. I can completely understand the temptation!

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
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  1. How adorable, I'm surely going to make these. My daughter loves little redhood or Roodkapje as we call her in the Netherlands

  2. Love the story telling!! You are enjoying this far too much Katka!!! Your characters are so cute. Great post!

    1. Thanks Alison!! It's me, Sharon, lol I just left a comment on your post on facebook.. a small mix up as Katka shared the patterns on her page but no worries, I'm glad you like them!!

  3. Dear Sharon,
    I am so grateful to you, since you post so perfect tutorials!! Thank you so much! It is so hard to get lovely amigurumis and free tutorials , plus yours is so understandable - this is my first ever made amigurumi and it is (almost) as perfect as yours! :) My 4-year-old son was fascinated with a little mouse Miško, that I made for him as a price for beeing such a good boy and now my 7 and 3-year-old daughters are waiting for theirs. :)
    Many nice regards from Slovenia and I reccomend for more sweet tutorials from you!

  4. I have just discovered you!! You're wonderfully talented & I adore your patterns!! My question is this: my little "shop" has a pig with wings as it's logo & I was wondering if I could use your little big foot pig (crediting you of course!) pattern & my wings as the official unofficial mascot? I'd like to make little keychains with it & sell them. Also, your thread panda...could other patterns of yours be made with the same hook size & thread as the panda? Would that work you think? I make mini bears (sewing) & I'd like to do some like the email is you so much!!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm so happy you are enjoying the patterns :))
      And yes, you can sell any/all finished products made from my patterns. I love that people can make extra $$ with handcrafted items, it's just a great thing!
      And yes you can use the little bigfoot pig as your mascot, wow, how wonderful for the pig!
      And for the thread work.. I have made some of my patterns with thread and many turned out just great but sometimes you may have to add a row or 2 here and there to make them turn out right. It depends on the thread you're using.
      Thanks for asking and the best of luck with everything!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns !

  6. Hi Sharon!

    I have just discovered your Awesome Stuff ~ I am pretty much stuck in bed full time so I am LOVING having found something I can do to pass the time (I am SO not artsy, I was incredibly surprized that I have been able to pick this up ~ it is thanks to your AWESOME YouTube channel and walk through videos ~ Thank You SO much!).

    May I ask where you found the tiny fruit/bread and knitting needles/yarn for Little Red's basket ~ I have NO idea where to begin to look.

    Thank You SO very much for taking the time to make the videos and post the patterns for us all ~ You Are AMAZING!!

    1. awww, what a thrill for me to read your message.. I'm not so happy to hear you are stuck in bed but I am thrilled to know that the patterns will help you pass the time while you're there!
      The knitting needles are 2 stems off of dried out seed pods but I don't know what kind of flowers they are from. I build dollhouses too and use whatever I can find in nature and I have a collection of these types of things. But you could use toothpicks!
      Thanks for the message and I hope that helped answer your question :)

  7. thank you for posting such beautiful patterns for us

  8. Omgosh these lil guys are just too darn cute! I'm gonna have to make them for sures!

    Thanks so much for sharing such cuties with all of us again! You're the best! :-))))

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful patterns. They are so adorable!

    This is not the email I usually use for following personal blogs I love. I usually sign up by email not through Google +. The one I am usually tonight is one that belongs to my Google Blog that I am getting ready to Relaunch with a New Email address.

    I will definitely follow on Pinterest for sure!


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