Monday, August 26, 2013

Magic Circle Video Tutorial Adjustable Ring

I hope it helps!
Here is a video I did a long time ago and over the years I've received countless messages that this video has helped many frustrated people. If you are struggle with the magic circle my hope is that this video will help you too!

Why the magic circle (ring)?

The magic circle is a clean way to start amigurumi. It is also known as the adjustable loop or adjustable ring.

If it doesn't show above, the link is  here

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  1. thanks for sharing!! good video teaching!

  2. I love love love your videos! They're SO easy to understand and straightforward! I just have one thing though... Right when I pull the circle closed and want to pull the tail, the yarn gets all undone-ish. Like pulling the tail makes the yarn get stuck so I'm pulling out some of it and the rest just kind of jumbles together :c! Is it my yarn?? I'm using Red Heart worsted 4. Is there any yarn you recommend the most??

    1. red heart worsted is what I use. That does happen from time to time though and I just start over. I'm not sure why the one yarn string does seem to knot up or it's so tight can't pull on it so just undo it and start over. With practice the magic circle gets real easy but now and then it'll mess up, even for those of us who have done it many times :))

  3. Hey thanks for that amazing tutorial. Especially the six point star. Great help.