The Blog Friendship Cup

Do you remember Blog Friendship Cup?

                                            No? Well then, let's recap!

Back in May 2012, all the way over in Boston, Massachusetts, Teeni from Aunty's Tea Room was starting a blog friendship contest where all those who would like to participate leave a comment and hope to be chosen! It's just something fun to promote each others blogs and also a chance to give little gifts to another blogger...

So I left a comment and I was chosen, woot woot!! The Cup came to me full of little presents, like a little cup of Christmas! 

Then it was my turn to pass the cup to someone else, and Laura from I am the Diva was chosen. BUT, Laura was heading off on holidays so there was no rush in sending it to her, but now she has returned and the Cup is heading her way!

One of the rules of the Cup is to alter it in some way before sending it so I chose to add a little touch of crochet to the handle... like yarn bombing, lol The heart does swing so the handle can still be used

I hope you enjoy the cup Laura  when it arrives! 

I now have 2 blogs to handle my ever expanding adventures into blogging.

1) Amigurumi and crochet stuff blogged here Amigurumi To Go

2) Crafts and other obsessions of mine blogged here