Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little Bigfoot Bear Tail Smaller Muzzle

I was busy crocheting a few of the Little Bigfoot Bears the last couple of days and because I was working from memory I ended up making a smaller muzzle thinking I remembered that part of the pattern right, lol I was wrong and ended up with a slightly smaller muzzle but I think it looks much better...
I will add this into the pattern itself but wanted to highlight it here to catch the attention of those who may have printed off the pattern and not bother to read over it again.

here's the new muzzle (pictured above)
1) magic 6 (6)
2) 1sc, 2sc (9)
3-4) 1sc in each (9)
sl st and f/o
I embroidered the nose with thread

And  every bear needs a tail of course, so here it is!

1) magic 5 (5)
2) 1sc in each (5)
sl st f/o

Click here for Bear pattern

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