Carrot Veggie Free Crochet Pattern

I can't think of a cuter vegetable than a carrot with pony tails! I designed this Carrot doll for my kids and am sharing the pattern with you. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright 2012 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
BLO = back loops only
2tog = 2 stitches together
ch1 = chain one
dc = double crochet
F/O = finish off

Special notes: I worked in continuous rounds with a 3.75mm hook and worsted weight yarn. Have any questions or if you come across a mistake in the pattern please leave a message in the comment section below.

1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3) 1sc in next st, 2sc in next st (18)
4) 1sc in next 2st, 2sc in next st (24)
5) 1sc in next 3st, 2sc in next st (30)
6-7) 1sc in the BLO for 2 rows (30)
8-29) 1sc in each st for 22 rows.
30) 1sc in next 3st then 2tog (24)
31) 1sc in each st
32) 1sc in next 2st, then 2tog (18)
33) 1sc in each st
34+) *Stuff as you go 1sc then 2tog and eventually the doll will start to form a point so stop when it gets too pointy and close up the remainder of the gap with your crochet needle. You will be attaching hair at the very top so you decide how you want the top of this part to look.

What I did to make the hair was cut a handful of yellow yarn and sew it right on to the top of the head with a strand of yellow yarn. I then created a bow with a pipe cleaner and I hot glued this to the hair itself to hold it in place. Then I just tied off the hair on each side in 3 parts.

For the eyes and so on please see Larry The Cucumber on how to attach these. Just fast forward to 7:19 in this video click here

1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st  (12)
3) 1sc in next 4st, 3sc in next 3st, 1sc in next 5st (18)
4) 1sc in each st
sl st to next st and finish off

1) ch 10
2) starting with 2nd ch from hook, 1sc in next 2st, dc in next 7st, finish off
the flat edges should be facing/touching each other when sewn over eye
Chain a length to outline bottom part of eye and sew on

1) magic circle with 4st (4)
2) 2sc in each st (8)
3-4) 1sc in each st for 2 rows
finish off, stuff and weave tail in and out along the edge then pull the hole closed. Sew into place
pupils and mouth are cut from felt and hot glued into place. That's it and you're done!

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
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  1. We would love to have more veggie tales characters like some of the "Pirates who don't do anything"

    1. I have more veggies coming... just can't say when. I would like to get them out before Christmas this year (2012). Thank you for the comment :)

  2. do you think your beautiful patterns would be big enough for loveys.
    I have 4 great grandchildren and one is a new born and thougut being they all are born to Christian parents would love to make a one for each of them.
    every thing is so beautiful.
    Bless you for designing the things you do.

    1. yes, they are!

      And thank you :))

    2. thanks for your input. so anxious to get the patterns printed out,
      thank you very much for answering back.
      keep up the good works as everything is adorable/


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