Greg Free Crochet Pattern

From Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,
I designed a doll for my kids and I'm sharing the pattern with you. I also filmed a video tutorial, keep in mind at that time I was new to video making and the quality isn't that great and the arms are missing but what is there will help you if you need the extra help. I hope you enjoy!


How To Crochet A Greg Doll part one
Scroll down this page for the written pattern.

Copyright 2011 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
BLO = back loops only
2tog = 2 stitches together
ch1 = chain one

Special notes: I worked in continuous rounds with a 3.75mm hook and worsted weight yarn. The head, neck and body are worked as one piece.

1) magic circle with 6sc (6)
2) 2sc in each st (12)
3) 1sc then 2sc in next st (18)
4) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in next st (24)
5) 1sc in next 3st then 2sc in next st (30)
6) 1sc in next 4st then 2sc in next st (36)
7-11) 1sc in each st for 5 rows (36)
12) 1sc in the next 2st then 2tog (27)
13) 1sc in each st for 1 row (27)
14+) 1sc then 2tog until you are left with 8st (8)
Before the hole gets too small stuff and shape head
Continue on with the neck
1-3) 1sc in each st for 3 rows
1) 2sc in each st (16)
2) 1sc in the next 3st then 2sc in the 4th st (20)
3-11) 1sc in each st for 9 rows (20)
12-13) 1sc in the FLO for 2 rows (20)
finish off

By crocheting in the front loops for the last 2 rows you created a couple edges on the inside as pictured below. This is where you insert the color you will use for the shorts (black). Use the edge that is furthest from you when you look inside.

With Black:
1) Insert and sc in each st (20)
The line inside you are about to crochet into does not appear even but it will even out when you crochet the one loop to the next. (enlarge the picture above by clicking on it to see what I mean).
2+) In the BLO, 2tog until you close the gap

Remember to finish stuffing the body before you close up the hole

Legs and shorts will be done in 2 pieces

With Black for shorts:

1) Magic circle with 5sc (5)
2) 2sc in each st (10)
3-4) 1sc in each st for 2 rows (10)
5-7) 1sc in the FLO for 3 rows (10)
Finish off

LEGS With White:

1) Magic circle with 6sc (6)
2-12) 1sc in each st for 11 rows
13) 2sc in each st (12)
14) 1sc then 2sc in next st (18)
15) 1sc in each st (18)
16) 1sc in the BLO for 1 row (18)
17) In the BLO 2tog over the next 12 st
finish off

Assembling of Legs and shorts:

Bend a pipe cleaner so 2 halves are same length as leg and wrap the remaining pipe around finger as pictured below. Insert into leg and shape foot as desired. Fiddle around with it until you are happy with the shape and also the leg should stand up on it's own. Cut a piece of white felt and hot glue it to bottom of foot.

Insert the leg into the black shorts' piece you made earlier and sew together. This only takes a couple of stitches and do not sew around bottom edge of shorts but rather up near the top. And sew to body

ARMS with White:
1) magic circle with 6sc(6)
2-11) 1sc in each st for 10 rows (6)
12) 2sc in each st (12)
13) 1sc in next 2st the 2tog (9)
Optional, if you want bendable arms the insert pipe cleaner as pictured. If not then continue on with row 14+ and DO NOT stuff.
14+)1sc the 2tog until you close the gap. Finish off and leave long tail for sewing and shaping hand.


1) Magic circle 4. Do not join.
ch1 and turn. (4)
2)1sc then 2sc in the next 2st then 1sc in last st.
ch1 and turn. (6)
3) 1sc in next 2st then 2sc in the next 2st then 1sc in the last 2st (8)
Finish off. Leave long tail for sewing.

1) magic circle 4 (4)
2) 2sc in each st (8)
3-4) 1sc in each st for 2 rows (8)
5) 1sc in the next 6st and then 2tog (6)
leave a long tail and cut
Stuff nose. Weave the end of the tail in and out around the open edge of the nose and then pull until the gap closes up. Sew onto face

1) magic circle with 8sc (8)
2) 2sc in each st (16)
3) 1sc then 2sc in the next st (24)
4-5) 1sc in each st for 2 rows (24)
6) 2tog then 1sc in the next 2st (18)
7) 1sc in each (18)
8) 2tog then 1sc in the next 2st(13)
9) 1sc in each st (13)
10) ch1 turn, 1sc in the FLO in each of the next 6st
11) ch1 turn, 1sc in the BLO in each of the next 6st
12-14) 1sc in each st for the next 3 rows
finish off and weave in end
 For the straps, make 2) ch 16, 1sc in each chain (15) sew on backpack

I hope you  enjoyed this pattern!
Why donating is important and my thank you here.


  1. I'm currently making this sitting in my floor by my bed using a magnifying mirror for light, Its almost 2 am. I have a 5 month old who doesn't sleep through the night, and two boys I have to get up and ready for the bus at 6:30, so I SHOULD be sleeping. But I can't put this doll down, I love it so much. Thank you so much for the pattern my boys love the books/movie.

  2. haha, I hear that! I was doing the same last night getting a gift ready for my niece when I should have been sleeping! This morning came really early, lol
    I'm so happy you like the pattern! I do hope you get some rest tonight, I can imagine how tired you must have felt today. Thank you so much for the post, I really appreciate it. All the best to you and your little ones :)
    Sharon XO

    1. I can't find part 2 or 3 on YouTube..HELP !!

    2. at the end of each video it pops up on the screen with a link to the next part. Or look in the description box of the video and the links have been added there

  3. Made this for my son. One leg turned out longer than the other, but he loves it. Thanks so much for the pattern and the video tutorial.

    1. Hello Mellymel! So glad you got a Greg doll made for your son and he loves it even with one leg longer than the other, lol

      Thanks for the message!

  4. Hi, I have a 4 year old grand daughter and a one year old grand daughter has been asking me for a look alike doll of herself for the past one year, now she wants one of her brother too!!! Your Caroline doll and this one are ideal...cannot wait to get my hands working on them!!! Must go and buy the supplies first...

    1. So sorry for the late response! So glad you planned to make the dolls, now I wonder if you did and how everything turned out?

      Thanks for the message!

      Sharon XO

  5. Çok güzel olmuş Greg'e bayıldım benim oğlumda kitaplarını çok severek okuyor bende hemen bugün malzemelerimi alıp Greg örmeye başlıyorum...

  6. I am in LOVE with everything you post. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be making as many of all of these that I can. OH, the Leather boot is awesome. I will make a few because I will want to keep one and I know my kids and grandkids will want their own. You are amazing.

    1. Hi Leah! Thanks so much for the awesome comment and I'm so glad you like my blog
      Good luck in your crafting adventures, your family is very lucky! Homemade gifts are the best things to give :)

      Many, many thanks

      Sharon XO

  7. We are already friends on Facebook! I saw your boot turned into a dollhouse and remembered commenting that I couldn't wait to see it. isn't that funny? I just left a comment on your other page apologizing for never sending you the picture I crocheted of greg from diary of a wimpy kid. Except much more traffic and interest in your doll because of the upcoming movie!

    1. Hi Danielle, I never even thought about the movie but that's true! I hope many people make the dolls, I know the kids love them... I have more DOAWK dolls in the works too so I better get busy getting those published too
      I'll go check my other page to see your comment. I'm glad you like the boot dollhouse, I will be starting the new one when I get home from holidays, can't wait!! I actually found some furniture for it here in Calgary, Alberta in a thrift store..
      Talk soon XO

  8. Your patterns are just gorgeous and a huge Thank You for sharing them. My 7yr old grandson just started reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books so I am thrilled to have found these patterns to make him the characters. They are adorable and your patterns are so easy to follow. I just started 1 a couple of hours ago and just about done. Thank you again so very much.

  9. You're welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it and I'm so glad you are enjoying the patterns. It's always exciting to hear that another child will get a doll that will make them happy :)

    Happy Crocheting!!

    Sharon XO

  10. Thank you very much, I took the pattern with me ;-)

  11. What sized eye do you use for Greg and Roderick? What row are they on?

    I have been asked to make these for a library program and I want them to look right.

    1. Hi Sarah, unfortunately I was just new to writing patterns when I put this one up so I didn't include the row number the eyes were on and I didn't use safety eyes I used buttons but I do show how I installed them in the video, I can't remember tho if I counted the rows there but you would get a better idea if you viewed the video. It's easy to fast forward through it so you won't get stuck watching the whole thing.. Hope that helps

  12. Great pattern! Thank you so much. I've been dying to make Coraline too.

    1. Thank you!! And you are so welcome. Glad you found the patterns and will enjoy them. Keep me posted on how it goes :)

      Happy Crocheting!!

  13. I clicked on the link "How To Crochet A Greg Doll" and it takes me to "How To Crochet A Cat Bus"... Am I missing something??

    1. that was strange! Greg's video has been up for over a year and I just uploaded the Cat Bus video last week.... I'll have to go check the other patterns but this one is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. Seriously! I am having 3 other dolls made for my girls and I could not think of anything to have made for my son. I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw this! My son LOVES the books so much. He is going to be thrilled! Thank you sooo very much!

    1. wow, so glad to read your message! My children love the character too. I'm not sure if you seen Rodrick but his pattern is also available for free. Scroll up and look to the right of this page, he is the last one listed under patterns based on movies :)

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!


  15. Greg is awesome! My grandson loves the books. His birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'm going to make him one. I do have a question. What size eyes did you use and how did you make the hair? I couln't find the instructions in the pattern. You do incredibly beautiful work and thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I wrote this pattern back when I was first starting out so I did miss a few details. The hair started out as a pipe cleaner and then I changed it to black yarn. Pull a strand through a stitch on the head and knot it off and cut to length. The 2nd piece do the same way but once you knot it off pull one of those ends back into the head to hide it so Greg should have 3 strands standing up. You can rub clear drying glue on the ends to keep them from fraying. The eyes are actually buttons I found at a fabric store. My best guess for size would be 8mm but can't say for certain. I hope to go over this pattern sometime this year and clear up those issues but for now I hope that helps!

      Thank you for the kind comments :)

    2. Thank you very much. I found the Roderick pattern and I'm going to do him as well. This will make such a mice gift for Ethan and I can't afford to do much so having this means more than you know

    3. I'm so very happy to hear that Lynn! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it :)

      Happy Crocheting and all the best to you and yours!


  16. do you have the instructions for the face and hair? i don't see them on the pattern... thanks!

    1. Sorry about that. I have this pattern on my list to revise. I wrote it back when I was just starting so I missed those details in the written pattern but it is shown on the video I'll link here. Just fast forward to the time 10:22. Hope that helps!

  17. I'm wanting to print this off but am not able to see a print button. Whenever I try to highlight and copy I get the message to use the print button on the bottom of the pattern. ??
    I want to thank you for this and all the other patterns you share with us. My grandson loves these books/movies and he will be most assuredly very pleased to get this Greg doll.

    1. Hi Janet! So sorry, it seems the printer button has disappeared. Blogger must be making internal changes because a few of my gadgets have disappeared as well. But I removed the copyright script for you so you can use copy and paste. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the kind words ~
      All the best to you and your grandson!

  18. ¡Hola! Escribo desde Murcia, España, y quiero darte las gracias por poner gratuitamente el patrón de Greg. Además en los vídeos que acompañan el tutorial está todo muy bien explicado. Mi hijo es fan de los libros de Greg y le ha hecho mucha ilusión que le tejiese el amigurumi.¡ Muchas gracias y saludos!

  19. Dear Sharon - your pattern is brilliant and perfect. I have made Greg for my grand-daughter for Christmas. I even made two little Wimpy Kid diaries to put in the backpack. Can't wait to give it to her. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  20. Would this work if I used Barnet blanket or super chunky yarn to make a large Greg doll with the corresponding hook size? Thanks!


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