Thank you!

For your donation I give a million thanks. I am so grateful for it. Your donation will go towards amigurumi making supplies that I need to design patterns. Designing is an expensive process but I really enjoy and love what I do!

Amigurumi not only brings joy to those who receive it but it brings so much joy to those who can make it. There's something so special about being able to make a gift and then to give what you made with your own two hands is priceless. It's a "one of a kind" treasure!

But not only for those who give or receive gifts but for those who are supplementing their own income by selling their handmade items. This is also so very important. I've received many messages over the years from people all over the world who have been able to earn some much needed extra income with the amigurumi  they've sold, how it's helped them and how grateful they are.  I am so honored by these messages. I treasure their stories.

I hope to keep sharing free patterns and spreading joy all over the world through amigurumi for years to come. I hope to teach as many people as I can to make or even start designing their own amigurumis. With your help I am achieving this goal.

So thanks a million! You have helped a great deal, more than you'll ever know. Without people like I you I couldn't keep doing what I do!
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Many Blessings to you!

*Please accept this note as my sincere thank you. I do not send notes via paypal email addresses.


  1. I have followed you for quite a while. I love your darling creations and your generosity in sharing the patterns.

  2. I am so grateful that you share your wonderful animals free for us to make my donation was small but i got confused with the money exchange rate i have nearly finished the little fox and will post a picture for you on your site and will donate a bit more when i have finished another one of your little one's bless you for sharing hun xxx

  3. Thank you for your awesome creations. I wish my donation could be greater. I am fairly new to crochet and just beginning my adventure with amigurumi. I will now attempt your little cute elephant.

    1. aww thank you so very much! Never worry, your donation, no matter the size, means the world to me. Many Blessings to you and yours <3

  4. Dear Sharon:
    I have meet many amazing (on a scale of 1 to 10) women through out my 56 years of life, but, YOUR THE CLOSET TO AMAZING, FULL OF APPRECIATION with TRUE GRATEFUL, & ENDLESS THOUGHFULLNESS; I've ever seen!
    My comment was to tell you how extremely talented - gifted you are, to also, thank you for being so gracious in sharing with others & teaching others of your talants/gifts. I wanted to explain that I'm disabled and my husband is retired, so it never fails;when I want to give, buy, etc., we are down to pennies. I never would insult anyone, by donating to them a few pennies.
    Truth is I went to the website "ALL FREE CROCHET" looking for something cute to make for my three grandkids for Easter and also, something for my oldest granddaughter who was born on St. Patrick's day;and she's got my/my daughters Irish bloodline.
    Then I come across your website (I'm am going through all the Wonderful items), started to download & saw "the note" and thought is this a joke or a test! If I didn't feel awful downloading some of the patterns; I did more than ever after reading your note.
    A HEART FELT THANK YOU TO YOU & GOD GIVEN TALENTS! Thanks your Gratitude and Courtesy. I'll be be a lot because of the Wonderful items you create & Share. I hope someday I am to Donate more then, words, or the prays I'll say for you & yours! God Bless! ☺

    1. awe, thank you so much! I appreciate every word you said. It means the world to know that these patterns will be helpful to you and also will bring you joy as well.

      As far as donating, PLEASE never feel awful about not donating. I would never want anyone to feel any obligation whatsoever to give something that they really can't afford. Your comment was worth far more to me than a monetary donation, truly!

      Thanks a million, you made my day. Many blessings to you too!

      Sharon Ojala

    2. God bless people like you! I loved reading your letter, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. You're very special.

      Greetings from Canada ♡

  5. I can't believe you have offered your dragons for free. I would have been happy to pay for such a beautiful pattern so have made a donation. You truly are so kind to make your patterns available to everyone and not just those who can pay. 💖

  6. Thank for you your lovely patterns and your blessings. I send blessings to you, Sharon.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    I love all of your work.....from your cute amigurumi patterns to your absolutely amazing doll houses! I've been following your Youtube channel for a while now and one day hope to have a go at a tree house of some sort. In the meantime I'm aiming to make a couple of your little the dragon and dress me bunny so I think they will be first on the list :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent. It's so refreshing in this world of commercialism to see someone who is so willing to share their talent so freely with others.

    All the best from an Aussie fan

    PS I'll be back to donate a little more when I can :)

    1. I'm so happy to hear this, thank you! It means a lot to know that the projects I share inspire others. That's what it's all about for me! Comments like yours just inspire me to keep going. I appreciate that.

      Ohhhh, I just saw your generous donation! Thank you so much!

      Happy crafting 2017 to you :)

  8. Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for your free patterns. I've made already a few amigurumi dolls using your patterns. It was fun doing them. I never thought I could them before. But your instructions were easy to follow. Bless your heart for your generosity in sharing your well-designed patterns.
    How about designing an Aussie kangaroo and a cute koala with little joeys in their pouches? Just a little friendly suggestion. Thank you. And cheers and hello from Down Under. Keep up the good work.


  9. Thank you for your gift of creativity. I do crochet and knit, but want to try something for gifting that can be (hopefully) a quick project for double the gratification - for me and for the receiver :)

  10. Thank you for inspiring me and for all the free and helpful video and written patterns. you are amazing and who has taught me that i can do just about anything! You are my first go to for Ami lol I learned thru you so thank you..


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