Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Video How To Crochet I Cord Single Strand Double Strand

Wow! The I-Cord isn't as hard as I first thought it was so I put a video how to together for you so you can learn this awesome technique as well. This step by step video shows you how to make a single strand plus a double strand I-Cord.

I also made a triple stranded one today, and if you can master the double strand then the triple won't be a problem.

An I-Cord can be used as handles on a bag, as limbs on an amigurumi animal, as
letters and you can make all sorts of shapes. In fact I have made a few projects today with the I-Cord.. check that post out here.

This tutorial was courtesy of Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. Free for all to enjoy! You may sell finished products. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help fund amigurumi making supplies for future free patterns. So far over 80 free patterns & video tutorials and many more to come. Happy Crafting everyone!

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