An Inside Joke About Worms

I can't remember if I showed you all these before or not. I took these photos in 2017, my plan was to release a pattern for them but I never got to it.

The  story behind these worms,
There is actually an inside joke between my Dad and I that made me create these worms in their sunhats.

My Dad suffers chronic back pain from a botched surgery he had done when he was just 29 years old. The pain is there daily, some days are worse than others.  But he'll never say that he's in pain, not ever. And he's never missed a day of work because of it either.

 As kids we knew when he was in more pain by the way he would walk, and he tends to joke around  a lot when he's suffering more. I believe joking has been his way of coping. He's still the same today, at 86 yrs of age, and he's still working! No longer for a company but he works for himself, he runs his own sawmill and works every day.

Anyway, as a kid I would notice he was in pain and would ask him how he was feeling.  If he was suffering a lot on that particular day he would answer in an exaggerated and pathetically-sad voice, "I feel so low that I could go out into the garden and eat worms" and I would always say in protest, "NO! Not the worms! Poor little guys don't deserve that!" And we would laugh about those poor worms.

It was always the same exchange between us with us being super silly. My mother would look at us like we were a couple of nuts. She probably wondered what "going to the garden to eat worms" even means, lol

Fast forward to many years later I found myself in the hospital battling auto immune disease that almost killed me. It tried hard to kill me but I battled through it. I won that battle and today I am healthy. I do plan on staying this way from now on.

I was in and out of the hospital, some months for long periods of time, starting in 2016 and the last stay was in 2017.  After finally getting home, the very last time I ever stayed in the hospital, I was laying on the couch with no energy to do anything.  My Dad called me and asked, "How are you feeling?"

Well, that question triggered some memories and I felt that old familiar silliness bubbling up.  I answered, sounding pretty pathetic, "So low, Dad, I could go out into the garden and eat worms..."
There was silence followed by gut busting laughs. We laughed so hard! It was a silly moment but how wonderful it was to laugh about it.

After that good laugh and we hung up, I felt all inspired! I got my yarn out and decided to make those worms and give them to my Dad.

I made everything you see in the photo in that afternoon. I planned on releasing a pattern for them but I forget now what happened. I didn't get to it and then one thing after another and I forgot all about them until stumbling across my old drafts with the pattern just sitting there! And here we are.

I just printed off the the draft  today. Feb 21st 2020. I will make a couple over the weekend to test the pattern. I think I'll turn that little patch of earth into more of a pouch though, one that can close up. I'm not quite sure yet. I'll figure it out once I get to that part.

Anyway, stay tuned.  I'll be posting the pattern just as soon as I'm finished going through it. It'll take a few days. I think it's good timing, Spring is just around the corner.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.
Just remember to leave those worms alone, it's not their fault! 😀

I just found out through a comment on facebook that there's actually an old poem about being depressed and eating worms! That's hilarious. I'll have to ask my Dad if he got that saying from a poem, I bet he did. That makes this even better!

Pattern update:
The pattern is now posted here


  1. Adorable! Love your stories and your art! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Sang the song Going to the Garden to eat worms to my kids

    1. That is so so awesome!
      I actually just found out there is an old poem/song about just that and updated the bottom of my post.

      I had no idea. I'll ask my Dad if he knows the song, I bet he does and that's why he said it.

      I'm so excited about getting this pattern out there then. I bet there's many more of us that heard about eating worms whilst depressed,lol!!

  3. What a cute pattern! I've followed so many of your patterns and they're all wonderful, I love your videos too xxx


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