Soft Huggy Character Pillows

crochet cat pillow and mouse pillow

I've been updating my blogs,
I'm fixing links, updating information, removing old html codes, fixing image sizes.  It's a huge job! But the upside is I'm coming across things I have forgotten about.

While updating the pattern for this Kitty and Mouse (patterns from 2016) I read the short story I wrote about how I came up with the name for the cat and it made me giggle. I've copied and pasted it below,

"When I was done with the Kitty pattern my youngest son came to see the new character. I asked him what should we name her?

He quickly replied "Olive!" Then he said "Olive You!" Which sounds like I love you when you say it quick. Sweet right? To that name I added, Fat Kitty. So let me introduce to you "Olive You! Fat Kitty"

I asked my son why the mouse was an angel and the kitty wasn't? He said, "Because Olive ate the Mouse!" uh oh lol"

I love these memories,
Memories of my kids and how they reacted to or played with the amigurumis I've designed over the years fills my heart with joy. I hope this story made you smile today!

Pattern Links:
Olive the Fat Kitty
Mary the Mouse


  1. Thank you! A good day for a laugh. Thank you for sharing your memories.


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