How To Crochet A Miniature Bear Video Tutorial

The Miniature Hunny bear,
You can use yellow and red yarn together and make yourself a mini Winnie the Pooh. This bear has a written pattern that can be printed off for free. Now there is also a 2 part video tutorial for those who are just beginning in their crochet journey!

Written pattern for the Miniature Bear,
It's called the Hunny Bear. The written pattern is here.

Video Tutorial in 2 parts,
Part 1 is the tutorial for the head and assembly of the head.
Part 2 is the tutorial for the body, the limbs and how to sew it together.

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Sometimes there's issues,
After a very glitchy couple of days the videos finally made their way to my youtube channel. I had a frustrating technical issue while trying to save the video tutorial but all is well now. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you hour many hours it took to save without glitches so I'll just say a long time. It took a long time! You wouldn't believe the embarrassing happy dance I did once they finally got published. My kids would have died.

Silver Lining,
While I was waiting for my computer to do it's thing I ended up designing another pattern. It's always a better idea to crochet then to pull one's hair out, right? This new pattern (to be released) is the silver lining in a dark technical cloud. Yay! I love silver linings! A Christmas Gift Pouch, I'll be posting that pattern asap.

See the bear inside it by clicking that little arrow on the side


  1. Thank you! I love bears, but especially Pooh! All the WTP characters represent the "weak" people using what they have to get through life.. but more importantly embrace it, enjoy it and grow from it! (My point of view) :)
    Bless you and the kids.. Hugs!

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  4. I just wanted you to know that I love your videos they are so easy to follow thank you

  5. Any chance you can design Piglet?


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