Pots Balloons A Bear and A Hedgehog - A Design Frenzy!

My friends, you have a BUNCH of new free patterns coming your way!

How this design frenzy got started,
It started yesterday.. no no.. back up, it started with my latest bear pattern. I recently redesigned an old bear pattern of mine from 2014. I made some changes and gave it a sweater and a hat. I released the new pattern on November 23rd/2018.

So I tried a different yarn brand to make that yellow bear,

I was in Walmart before I released the pattern  and saw 2 yarn balls from Bernat. The colors together reminded me of Winnie the Pooh. I bought them with the idea to follow my own bear pattern and see if I got a bear resembling that silly old Pooh bear. I don't think it's a good resemblance but the colors do say, "Hi. I'm supposed to be Winnie the Pooh".
The changes I made for Winnie were only 5 rows of sc in the sleeves and a simple chain for a collar. They eyes are higher. Everything else is the same as this bear pattern

Bernat premium in Gold and Red.

Honey Hunny Pot,
After I released the bear pattern I just had to make a little honey pot but not just for a Pooh bear. I wanted a pot that doesn't scream Winnie The Pooh, something everyone can use. So I designed this one with a little bit of honey dripping over the side. I like it! I showed it on my facebook page and a lady mentioned it needed a red balloon and that's really where all the inspiration came for everything pictured below. (Thanks Kate!)

A super cute little pot!

I googled Winnie and red balloon and saw the cutest little blue pot with honey overflowing all around the edge.  Oh my, so cute! I started designing a crocheted version instantly. I wanted one to be hung from a balloon but also wanted to give you the option of  the stuffed pot so I will include instructions for that as well when the pattern is released.


What about that balloon? I designed a balloon but realized it was too small for what I had in mind so designed another. The 2nd one is the perfect size! There's no point in trashing the first design so decided I'll be posting both so you have  2 sizes to choose from. Even though I do hang the pot off of one, they are designed as regular balloons, not hot air balloons. In the Winnie the Pooh story he floats up to a bees nest for honey using a regular balloon.

I needed a bear but I got a hedgehog?
lol, yup! That's exactly what happened. I started on Winnie's head. After I finished the head it was a tiny bit too big for the size I needed but  how cute it was! I knew right away what I was going to turn it into. A bit of eyelash fur and we got Winnie the Hedgehog. O.M.Gee, I love it so much!
I googled crocheted hedgehogs after that to see what other designs and there's a number that are similar to this. They start at the nose and work backwards. I wonder how many started off as a bear head only to turn into a hedgie?

Don't be afraid!
I believe Winnie the Hedgehog is  beginner friendly. There's no need to crochet separate pieces, the fur is attached after the body is done and it goes on pretty quick. I think you will enjoy the process. They can be made fairly quickly making them a great last minute gift idea!

Winnie is a pain in the butt!

Truly. It's a pain with the yarn I chose to make him. This was happening in the wee hours of the morning so maybe when I try him again I'll find better ways to do things so none of you call me names while trying to make him too. I can not release that pattern until I'm happy with the design of it. It's way too fiddly right now and I want to make it easier. Until then you'll be getting patterns for  the pots, the balloons and a hedgie.

When will the patterns be released?
Starting this evening, I will release the balloons and the pots! I will release the hedgie probably tomorrow or the day after. I have to work  on mini Winnie to get him more "user friendly" before he gets released.

Okay, off to work I go. Come back soon! Also watch my facebook page Amigurumi Freely, I always announce there when something gets posted here.

Balloon patterns   here
Honey Pot Treasure Keeper  here
Floating Hunny Pot here
Miniature Winnie the Pooh Bear here
Winnie the Hedgehog here

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  1. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm having so much fun with the new bear pattern that I have one finished, one on my hook, and one already planned. Maybe after I finish those, I can begin these projects. I love when you get into a frenzy!! 😍😍

    1. your comment made me so happy! Thank you and happy crocheting :)

  2. Excellent, I made your bee now ill try the honey pot, do dont by any chance have a bees nest pattern. Super site well done.

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  4. You are really great.i like to try your patterns ,they are amazing.


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