Small But Mighty Dragon Part 7 Wings

This is part seven of the Small But Mighty Dragon crochet-along. In this part we will be making the wings, the claw for the wing and sewing the wings to the body.

There are 3 videos for this part of the CAL. Video links are given in the pattern below.
Links to previous parts of the dragon are in the schedule here.

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
ch1 = chain one
sl st = slip stitch
2tog = crochet 2 stitches together
BLO = back loops only
f/o = finish off

This video shows how to crochet rows 2, 6 and 7. It also shows how to sew the corners.

Wings: Make 2
I did not design left or right for this main part of the wing pattern. Once the wings are fully assembled, you will not notice that one is flipped and has a slightly
different look.
1) ch12
2) starting in 2nd ch, 1sc in next 5st, 3sc in next ch, 1sc in next 5chs (13) ch1 turn
*when you go through a chain make sure to have 2 loops of the chain on top of your hook. This will make it easier when you work row 7. Also, the chain right after the one you put 3sc into will be hard to get into, it might even be hard to find. Make sure you get into that ch.
3) skip ch, 1sc in next 6st, 3sc in next st, 1sc in next 6st (15) ch1 turn
4) skip ch, 1sc in next 7st, 3sc in next st,1sc in next 7st (17) ch1 turn
5) skip ch, 1sc in next 8st, 3sc in next st, 1sc in next 8 (19)
6) ch1, continue working along the edge to the left, 1sc in the next 3 spaces across the edge.
7) Continue working along the bottom of the wing in the visible outer loops. 1sc in the first loop, ch4 then 1sc into the bottom of the ch, sl st the loop under the chain, sl st next 2 loops, ch3 then 1sc into bottom of the ch, sl st the loop under the ch then sl st the remaining 8 loops. f/o and leave a tail for sewing.

Sew the corners back, the corners under my thumbs. Leave a bit of space between edge 1 and edge 2 so you can crochet around edge 1 in the next step.

This video shows how to outline both wings.

Outline the wings.
For this part we will do each wing slightly different from each other.

Working on the wing pictured in my left hand (This will be the Dragon's right side):
1) insert body color into the corner (this corner will be sewn to the dragon's back). ch1 then 1sc in each st around, stop when there are no more visible st left, you'll be at the start of the picot st. ch6  *see design option below.
2) starting in the 2nd top loop of the ch, 1sc in the next 5 top loops then 1sc in the BLO around. f/o leaving a long tail for sewing

Design Option:

The chain 6 in step 1 is optional. The chain is a bit fiddly to work with. Keep in mind you will have to do the other wing as well. You could shorten this chain to any number you want. I talk more about this in the video.  If you were to ch4 instead of 6, then starting in the 2nd loop, 1sc in the next top 3 loops. 

Create the middle ridge:

3) pinch the middle of the wing and sew to hold that pinch. Weave in yarn tails.
4) insert the body color into the top of the ridge, ch1 then 1sc 4 times down the surface of the ridge, crochet around the starting yarn tail. Don't crochet too deep into the ridge or you will see the colored yarn on the back side of the wing. Weave in yarn tail.

Sew around the outline:

5) using the finishing yarn tail of the outline to sew around the outline. When you get to the ridge, sew through the top of the ridge connecting the outline and the ridge together. When you get to the chain, sew the outer loops of the chain together.
Sew as neat as possible through the chain, don't pull the yarn tail too tight as this will cause the chain to get bumpy and untidy looking. Then sew back around the outline and finish off in the corner you started from. Leave the yarn tail for sewing the wing to the body.

Working on the other wing (This will be the Dragon's left side):

1) insert body color into the last st before the picot st. ch1 then 1sc in each st around to the left. Crochet around the starting yarn tail. ch1 at the end and turn
2) working in the BLO, skip ch, 1sc in each st around. When you get back to where you started, ch6 (or the number of times you chose for the first wing), starting in the 2nd loop 1sc in the next 5 loops, sl st into a solid stitch of the wing. f/o  leaving a long tail for sewing. Sew the outer loops of the chain together just as you did for the first wing.

3) Make a ridge in the middle and finish the wing off just like you did the first wing.

This video shows how to crochet the claw, sew it to the wings then sew the wings to the body

Small Claw for Wing: make 2 with body color

1) ch5
2) starting in 2nd ch, 1sc in next 2ch, 1hdc in next 2chs (4) ch2 and turn
3) skip ch, 1hdc in next 2st, 1sc in next st, sl st last st
f/o leaving a tail for sewing.

Sew the claw closed,

Flip the claw over so the starting yarn tail is on the opposite side furthest from you, cut it up shorter than the claw. Lay the starting yarn tail inside and fold the claw in half so the edges touch. Whip stitch the outer loops together, knot off at the end and leave the yarn tail for sewing.
Sew claw to the top of the ridge on the wing.

Sew the wings to the body. Take you time to get them just right. Pin them in place and look at all angles. Once you are happy with how they look, sew them in place.

Congratulations to us all,
We are now finished the Dragon! Please post your photos on facebook in the comments of this post.

If you want a fire breathing Dragon the instructions are  here.

Pattern update! 

 I've added some helpful tips for naming your dragon here

Copyright 2018 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved


  1. Why all the sewing on the edges? It seems like such a lot of trouble

    1. the whole dragon is a lot of trouble, lol I provided instructions to what I did to get what you see. Some patterns have more detail than others but they can also be modified to one's liking.

    2. I should have added, for others reading these comments, it's a small dragon and the wings are fairly small so it doesn't take long to get around them.

    3. Yes, but all the other sewing seems to have reasons for it. I don't understand the reasoning for the part around the wings. Is it to stiffen it?

    4. it sews down the outline at the same time stiffening the wing up.

  2. Thank you so much! The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow; I am very happy with the pattern and result.


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