Small But Mighty Dragon CAL Part 5 Arms and Hands

This is part five of the Small But Mighty Dragon crochet-along. In this part we will be making the arms and sewing them to the body.
Please note: I used a pin to pose the arm in the photo. If you want poseable arms you would have to sew wire inside of them. I do not include adding wire in the pattern or video.

There are 2 videos for this part of the CAL. Video links are given in the pattern below.
Links to previous parts of the dragon are in the schedule here.

st = stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
ch1 = chain one
sl st = slip stitch
2tog = crochet 2 stitches together
f/o = finish off

How to read the rows:

When working in the round, mark off the last st of row 2 and move that marker at the end of each row. Each row has a sequence. Example: 1sc then 2sc in next st means repeat that sequence 1sc then 2sc in next st followed by 1sc then 2sc in next st over and over to the end of that particular row. The number inside the parentheses ( ~ ) is the number of stitches you should have at the end of that particular row.

This video starts with the Palm then shows how to crochet the arm.

Palm of hand: with body color make 2

1) make a magic circle with 6st, sl st next st.
f/o leaving a long tail for sewing.You will use this yarn tail to assemble the arm and sew it to the body.
Pull the starting yarn tail to close up the center hole, if there is one. Cut this starting yarn tail up to about 1/4 inch or so.Set aside and make the arms.

Arms: with body color
1) ch9
2) starting in 2nd ch, 1sc in next 4ch then 1hdc in next 4ch (8) ch2 and turn
3) skip ch, 1hdc in next 4st then 1sc in next 4st (8) ch1 and turn
4) skip ch, 1sc in next 4st then 1hdc in next 4st
5) ch1, don't turn, work to the left. 1sc across the top, there's no stitches to work in, you will have to push through a space then 2sc in last space (5) ch1 and turn
Make 4 bobble fingers:
6) Make a small bobble using 3dc's then sl st next st from behind, small bobble in next st, sl st next st from behind, small bobble in next st, sl st into the same space then working now along the side, small bobble then sl st next space and f/o leaving a long tail for sewing

This video starts with the nails then it shows how to assemble and sew the arm.

Fingernails or claws: using white

Make the nails the same way you did the toes.

Assemble the Arms:
1) Place the palm into the center of the bobbles, wrong side down.
2) Sew the palm in, going back and forth, bringing the yarn tail through a bottom stitch  of the bobble and then through a stitch of the palm, joining them together and at the same time sewing the palm to the hand.
3) Once the palm is sewn in, roll up the sides of the arm so the edges touch. Lay any yarn tails there is inside the arm.
4-5) Sew up about 3/4 of the arm, leaving the last bit open.  Knot off leaving the yarn tail for sewing to the body.
6) Sew the arms over the 17th and 18th row of the body.

Congratulations to us all! We are now finished part five of the schedule. You can post your photos on facebook in the comments of this post.

See you soon for part six!


  1. Hi, at the end of row 2 you say to ch2, but at the beginning of row 3, you say to skip the ch. Should we skip both chain stitches or just one?

    1. skip both chain stitches. If ever I say in a pattern, ch1 or ch2 or ch3 then the beginning of the next row says to "skip the chain" that means skip however many stitches you used to make the chain.

  2. Palm of hand says Make a loop with 6 sts. I'm assuming this means magic loop with 6 sc in it

    1. yes, you are correct. I just updated the pattern to say "magic circle"


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