Miniature Bear Family

I have been waiting for this day!
Way back in 2012 I had 3 patterns that went under contract with a publisher. This Miniature Bear Family was one of them. Since that time I owned  only 50% of the pattern. It was sold as an ebook. Now the contract is over, the pattern is mine again to do as I please. 

I've changed over the years and so has the yarn,
The last couple years I really wanted this pattern back. There's some things I would change slightly. I was still pretty new to designing when these went under contract.
The yarn I used for the bodies is no longer sold in stores. I couldn't tell you the best alternative to that but any baby fine or light weight yarn will do, just find the appropriate hook size for the yarn you choose.

My favorite bear in the family,
Without a doubt, the favorite bear for me is the baby bear. That one is so sweet and very tiny. I remember looking at this little bear in the palm of my hand and thinking it was adorable beyond words! She is just 1 and 1/2 inches tall

My suggestions for this pattern,
a) I would use a different color to make them! Dark brown is so dark.
b) Looking at the photo, my guess is that Papa and Mama's arms are too thin. Maybe add another stitch to the starting row, so start with a loop with 7st.
There will be other things I'll change but I don't know what until I make them again.

My plans for this family of bears in the future,
I definitely want to make each bear  again, first chance I get, and update the pattern. I also want to film a video for this pattern.

Until then, enjoy!
Until I can go through the pattern and make changes, I will give you a copy of the original pdf, as it was once sold, for free. All future modifications I make, will be free as well. This pattern is now free and will remain free, forever.

Click here for the PDF free download
Do not share links to the pdf itself, please share a link back to this page instead.

Copyright 2012 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go  All rights reserved 


  1. Thank you so much for this pattern! I was looking for something exactly like this for a friend. I absolutely love your site and you have my full dedication to try out all the animals! They might be the BEST free patterns I've come across.


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