Crochet Happy Elephants

blue and pink elephant crochet pattern

Little Bigfoot Elephants
Look at those happy faces! The Little Bigfoot Elephant dates back to 2014. It's been a while since I shared them. They are about 8 inches tall from foot to top of head. That pattern also has a video tutorial.
Get the pattern here

grey elephants standing by a ruler

You can make amigurumi bigger very easily, did you know that? You can use a bulkier yarn and bigger hook or hold 2 strands together. You can see more examples of using the same pattern to make an amigurumi bigger here

Little Bitty Elephants
Here's a super tiny Elephant, standing just 5 inches tall. I published this one in 2017. I called them Little Bitty Elephants. I did give them their own names though, top one is Peanut and the little boy in red is Elwood.
Get this super cute pattern here

small crochet elephant

small crochet elephant in red overalls

Thanks for stopping by. Happy crocheting!