Saturday, March 24, 2018

Troll Assembly Page

Welcome to the assembly page for the Bobble Troll.

You should already have the body and all the parts made.
The written pattern for the troll is here

ASSEMBLY:The assembly instructions are given in a series of 4 videos below.

In order:
I assemble the Troll in a certain order for a reason. For best results, follow the
same order.
If you have troubles viewing the videos embedded  on this page then go to this playlist, scroll down to parts 12-15.

1) sew the overalls to the feet
2) sew the straps to the overalls
3) sew the arms on
4) place the body of the troll into the overalls, adjust until it stands up straight then mark with a pin the space where the tail will go (right between the crisscross)
5) take the troll out of the overalls, sew on tail.
6) sew the ears on
7) add the yarn for hair

8)  sculpt the face, add eyebrows

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Many Blessings to you!

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