Saturday, July 29, 2017

Overalls For The Little Bigfoot Animals

These overall shorts were designed to fit the Little Bigfoot animals. All of them are free patterns. Find the ones pictured above and all the rest of the animal patterns here
Scroll down this page for the overalls pattern.

There is a print friendly option at the bottom of this page along with the option to donate. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright 2017 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved 
 You may sell finished products. Do not reprint this pattern. If you'd like to share this
pattern please link back to it. 

Red Heart Comfort yarn any color. 
same hook size you used to make your Little Bigfoot with. I used a 4.25mm hook to
make the overalls pictured. I crochet on the tight side and the overalls fit perfectly depending on the color I used. Some colors work up slightly different sizes. If you are making just the pants without the straps to hold them up, and if you crochet on the loose side, you could go down a hook size.
2 buttons *if giving this to small child or baby, leave off buttons due to choking hazard

regular sewing thread and needle or hot glue to attach buttons
blunt end yarn needle for sewing


st = stitch
sc = single crochet
ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch
2tog = crochet 2 stitches together
f/o = finish off

Front Panel:

1) ch 11
2) starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in each ch (10) ch 1 and turn
3-10) skip ch, 1sc in each st for 8 rows *ch 1 and turn at the end of every row, skip ch at the start of every row.
f/o leaving a long tail for sewing. Weave in the shorter yarn tail to hide it.

Straps make 2:

1) ch 25 *make a long starting yarn tail that you can use to sew one end to the front panel.
2) starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in each ch (24)
f/o leaving a tail for sewing. Weave yarn tail through the strap to the other end, straighten the strap out then knot off. You will use this yarn tail to sew the strap to the overalls

Assemble the panel and straps. The straps are extra long so don't worry about sewing too much in the front and not having enough for the back. I overlapped mine about 1/2 inch or so in the front.  Once the pants are made then you can sew on the other ends.
Set panel aside for now.

1) ch 41 *begin with a long starting yarn tail, you will use this to sew the corners together later.
2) starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1sc in each ch (40) ch 1 and turn
3-5) skip ch, 1sc in each st for 3 rows *ch1 and turn at the end of each row and skip ch at the start of each row.
6) skip ch, 1sc in next 6st then 2tog (35)

7) Connect ends with 1sc. Add a marker in this stitch, this will be the last stitch of the row. 1sc in each st around (35)
8) 1sc in each st around

) ch5 and sc into the 18th st from the front of the ch then add another 1sc in the same stitch. Mark this stitch, this will be the last stitch of the row. (24) Work to your left. 1sc in next 11st then 2sc in next st then 1sc in the next 12st. (25)
When you get to the chain, work in the outer loops up to the marker then work in both loops.

10-11) 1sc in each st for 2 rows

sl st next st and f/o weave in yarn tail.

*** Flip the piece right side out before starting the 2nd pant leg. Up to this point you have worked the pants and the first leg inside out.
Sew the corners together in the back, this makes the hole for the tail. Weave in yarn tail to hide it.

I borrowed this photo from another pattern, this step is the same. Sew the corners together as pictured

2nd pant leg: With with the front of the pants towards you 
1) insert yarn into the corner, ch1 (this ch1 counts as one stitch, add a marker to this stitch), 1sc in the next 11st then 2sc in next st then 1sc in next 12st (25)
Pull the chain tight if it's loose and hold the starting yarn tail along the edge and crochet around it as you crochet the first few stitches, this way you will not have to weave it in when you're done.

*The stitch count might be off by one or two stitches by the time you reach the marker. Don't worry  about it.

You want to have 25st by the time you're done this row to match the first pant leg.
You will be working in the outer loops of the divide for the first part so it might throw off your stitch count. Remember, adding 2 stitches into one stitch adds a stitch to the row count. Crocheting 2tog will take away a stitch from the row count. You can add or take away from this row as needed.
2-3) 1sc in each st for 2 rows (25)
sl st next st and f/o
weave in yarn tail.

Put the pants on your doll, check and see where you need to sew the front panel on, you don't want the panel too high. Take the pants off then sew the panel in place. Sew the straps as you desire. They can be crisscrossed or straight.

And you're done. I hope you enjoyed this pattern. If you'd like to show off  your Little Bigfoot in the overalls you can post pictures on my facebook page, Amigurumi Freely, I'd love to see!

  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and help keep the patterns free. If you do give a donation, please accept this note as my sincere thanks and know that you have helped a great deal.


  1. I love all your patterns. I can tell they were created with love because they are so huggable. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the patterns.

  2. Thank you for giving us such great and easy patterns to to you are a very talented and big hearted person