Making the Eye Indents and Cheeks For LBF Kitty

This page is only for those of you making the eye indents and cheeks on the Little Bigfoot Kitty.

The written pattern for this kitty is here

Step 1) This step is done at the end of row 15.
Between the 9th and 10th row, pull a strand of yarn through a stitch hole (same color as head), go over one stitch post and back through, so that you have 2 strands on the inside of the head. Knot the strands together. Do the same steps for the 2nd strand

As pictured, there is 8 stitch holes from start to finish.

Push the stem of the eye through the stitch hole as pictured. (same space where the arrow is pointing)

Tuck the strings inside the head so they are out of your way and now go back to the written pattern.

Step 2)
Tie off the strands to make the indents. This step is done at the end of row 25, the head should be stuffed already.

Pull the yarn tails through the back of the head now. All 4 strands in between the 19th and 20th row with one stitch post between the pairs, and about 3 stitch holes or so between the strands. Knot them off, pull tight to suck the head in as pictured then knot them again. The head will look all out of shape but that's okay!

Once done, cut them up a bit shorter and hide the yarn tails inside the head. Now you will need to stuff the head again. Use your finger to push the stuffing where it needs to go. Take your time and shape as you stuff. Get lots of stuffing in the cheek area.

Knot and pull tight, knot again to hold the shape.

Now you can go back to the written pattern here and carry on.


  1. I hope you have a video soon for the infest and cheeks. I do so much better when I see how you do it. I love your patterns and videos. I have made all L L collection for grandbabies. Made the cuddle puppy but decided to keep for myself. Love it

  2. Hi Sharon.. Is There A Video Tutorial For This Super Cute Kitty With The Indent Eyes & Cheek.. pls pls.. i love to make one..


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