Miniature Puppy Assembly Instructions

This is the assembly page for the miniature puppy. The written pattern for this puppy is here.

Sew the legs, arms and tail to the body and then the muzzle and ears to the head BEFORE sewing the body and head together. Follow the same order as given below.

1) shape the feet before sewing the legs onto the body. The hdc edge faces to the outside of the leg, away from the body. Shape the foot so that the hdc are facing the outside and you should have a left and right leg when you're done. I used the back end of my crochet hook to push the heel down and give more shape to the foot.

1a) Add a holding stitch to keep the foot shaped as pictured. Bring a strand of yarn through the bottom of the foot, through row 1, and up between row 5 and 6. Bring the yarn tail back down through the foot, over a stitch and then out between rows 1 and 2. Pull the yarn tails until you have the foot as pictured, knot off then hide the yarn tails inside the foot.
If you need help with this, I have a video that shows how to do this. It's for a much larger foot but done the same way. View beginning of this video here.

2) Sew the legs to the body. You can sew the 2 ways, jointed or not jointed. To joint, thread the finishing yarn tail through the middle of the hdc's. Place the limb against the body, the hdc's should be on the outside, think of them as shoulders for the arms and hips for the top of the legs. Pull the yarn tail through the body and out the other side, then go back through the body, over a stitch and back through the leg again, coming out the same stitch.
Make sure to adjust things until they sit right. This part is a bit finicky but if you take your time then it will look batter when done. Go through the body one more time and pull tight. Check to see if the leg moves properly then knot off. Hide yarn tail inside body.

3) Sew the arms now, joint them the same way as the legs. The top of the arm should not be sewn higher than 3 rows down from top of neck. This is because the top part of the neck will go into the head.

4) Sew the tail on, you can joint the tail as well if you want.

5) whip stitch a nose onto the muzzle. If you need help with this, I have a video how to here. For this smaller puppy I wrapped over 2 rows instead of the 4 shown in the video.

6) Sew the muzzle to the head. The top edge of the muzzle should be on or about row 9 and the bottom edge on or about row 12. I have a video showing how I sew a muzzle to an amigurumi, see that here.

7) Sew the ears to the head. Sew the ear in between row 3 and 4. If you made ears in a different color from the head then keep the stitches as close as you can get them to the ear. You can bring the yarn needle out anywhere it feels comfortable and then go back into the same stitch hole and back to the ear. Do this right across the top edge of the ear, knot off when done and hide yarn tails inside head or ear.

8) I added eyes to 2 of the puppies by wrapping yarn vertically over the 7th row with about 3 visible stitch holes between them. 2 or 3 wraps should do it. I go through the side of the head and out where the 1st eye will go, wrap as many times as needed then bring the yarn tail out where the 2nd eye will go, wrap, then bring the yarn tail out where the other one is hanging, knot them off and then hide the yarn tails inside the head.
I painted the eyes on the smaller puppy. Just a dot or 2 of craft paint does the trick.

9) Sew the head and body together.
I made the head jointed by weaving the finishing yarn tail in and out of the remaining stitches of the body and pulling the yarn tail tight until the gap closes. Then pull the yarn tail up through the head, pulling the body and head together. You have to twist the neck into the head. Bring the yarn tail up and out through the center hole, which is row 1. Then bring the yarn tail back down through the body, over a stitch, out through the bottom of the body. Do this twice. You will have to pull the top head back into shape before knotting the yarn tail off . Use your yarn needle to pull it back into shape. You can knot off anywhere then hide the yarn tails in the head.The head on my puppies can twist all the way around.

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  2. Sharon, I am glad to hear you are on the mend. I'm not sure if you are into "natural" remedies, but Apple Cider vinegar with the "Mother" helps with anemia and builds up blood iron. It sounds bad and some people can't get past the smell to drink it. It does come in capsule form, but I haven't heard how good it works. You have made another wonderful pattern for us to enjoy. Continue doing well and thank you for sharing your creative gift with us. Good thoughts and well wishes.

    1. oh yes! I drink ACV everyday.. with the mother in it. I buy the black bottle.. the name escapes me just now but it's a good one.
      I saw the Specialist again just today and he said I'm doing remarkably well. I'm responding well to treatment and my blood count is rising. I attribute this to eating well, drinking the ACV and good meds for sure.
      Thanks so much!

  3. You are an amazing person,Sharon, sharing all these wonderful patterns. Plus you are extremely talented! Thank you, thank you for your generosity! I'm so glad you are responding well with your treatment! Don't forget, be true to yourself, with how you approach your treatment, etc. I had dreadful headaches for over a year. No medical treatment could help me. The Drs thought I was delusional. In the end I worked out what was wrong & I don't have the headaches any more!


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