Simple Paws For Amigurumi

Hi everyone,
Here's a quick video that will show you a simple technique to get some toes on your amigurumi. This will work on any size amigurumi, it does not have to be the same sized paw pictured.
These paws are part of a free pattern here on my blog, you can pick that pattern up here

And then you can add some paw pads. Here are some sewing techniques to consider.

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  1. Great video with a clear explanation how to make paws. Thanks for this lesson.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. Thank you for the video! I think I overstuffed my feet so they did not look as nice as yours when I finished (and my hands took a real beating with that needle!). Now I know if I try it again that I don't need to stuff it so tightly! I love this puppy as does my two year old whom I made it for! I can't wait to make the little big foot puppy for myself when you post the pattern :)


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