Next Pattern and Dress Updates

I think I love her!

I had a super busy day yesterday and didn't get a chance to play around with my next pattern release until LATE last night. It was so late that I fell asleep with her still in my hand. I woke up and first thing I thought was, "Oh, she's so cute!" lol

Anyway, lots to do.. I still have to get the mouse video done then this elephant will be next.

I have an update for the  Tiny Dress. This dress fits the elephant (pictured), the mouse and the pig.
Last night I made another little dress and this time I added one more stitch to the sleeves and it made the sleeves look that much better.
I already have the video for the dress on youtube so I can't redo it but if you make the dress:

when you pull the yarn through to start the sleeve, in the same space that you pulled the yarn through add 1hdc then carry on as the video instructs. Not a big deal but I wanted to pass that along. The sleeves are in the video (near the end) but not in the written pattern.

Happy day to all, see you soon!


  1. the updates aree really cute!thank you!

  2. I love everything you create, but I think this little elephant wins the prize for the cutest least in my book!

    1. aww thanks!! I think she's my favorite so far.. I really love her, so glad you do too!

  3. Your elephant is so cute. Lovely design.

    Have a great day, Margaret


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