Next Pattern Release and a Story

The Three Little Pigs walked for miles and miles and miles. Finally, there he was! It was the wolf they were looking for.
They asked to be sure, "Are you the Big Bad Wolf?"
The wolf was offended they even had to ask..
"Yes! I am the BIG.BAD.WOLF!"
But the pigs were more curious than afraid so they asked him..
"Should we be afraid?"
The wolf growled and snarled, "YES! You should be afraid!"
The pigs all looked at each other, "What should we do?!"

The wolf answered them with a question, "Do you have a house?"
They giggled, "No. We don't have a house!"

Big Bad Wolf growled and snarled. He didn't like pigs, especially ones that giggle. He was losing patience. These pigs should know how this story goes. "WELL! Go build yourselves some houses and I'll come and huff and puff and I'll blow your houses down!

So the Three Little Pigs ran away looking for a place to build some houses.

The pattern for the Three Little Pigs is already available here I'll write up the Big Bad Wolf over the next few days. UPDATE: Wolf pattern is here
Today my son's tutor was here which freed up a bit of my time. I took full advantage of that and made the wolf!  Now I have to go make supper for my kids :)