The Journey Of A Little Tree And Visitors From The Forest

Happy Friday!
I've been busy getting the next pattern series ready for you but I decided to play a bit more with the tree before publishing a pattern. I've always wanted to crochet a little tree but I really want to make a pattern that is not only fun to make but super fun to play with!

I started out with a pretty plain tree, short with nothing really going for it aside from the ruffled green parts. It could hold 3 of the tiny amigurumi bears inside, (pattern to come). See the introduction of it here.

It was cute enough but I thought it needed to be just a bit taller. It also needed a knot hole, one that its visitors can look through.
Maybe the branches could hold a tiny friend, like an owl.  I managed that last night. It stands so great on its own, it doesn't flop over even when filled with up with visitors!
The little bear went inside her tree for she was now very tired. She told the frog, the koala and the owl that they could sleep in her tree too if they wanted to, there was room for them all! The koala and frog said thank you to the bear and climbed up into the tree. The owl preferred to stay out on the branch for the night, she was not tired. The owl promised to watch over them while they slept. She said, "Goodnight my friends"

Today I was looking it over and decided it needed some bark. It was still a bit too plain.

Oh yes, I added bark and that's much better! I believe that it's done now. The pattern can be written up and published, UPDATE: pattern for tree here.

Gnomey and his little mouse Abigail  came to visit the tree. Gnomey laughed and thought it was a cute little tree, even if it was made of yarn!

Abigail climbed into the tree and giggled as she looked out through the knot hole. She said to Gnomey, "Come inside! There's room for you too!"

Where The Gnomes Live,
Gnomey and Abigail are characters I made for my other blog. Follow their story and other characters I've made for the dollhouse here. I also have a facebook page for that blog right here. I hope to see you there!


  1. ♥ ♥ ♥ ^ ∞ Gnomey and Abigail (and of course the rest of the family members), I was wondering what they were all doing! Just hope Abigail doesn't use the tree to scare people ;)

  2. Your tree is lovely for storytelling to little children, while they are playing with the tree, the little big ear animals and otther characters. I love these designs.

    Have a great weekend, Margaret

  3. Adorable set! My son wants me to make it for him but I can't find pattern for Gnomey and Abigail; I am starting the tree though. Hope you can direct me to the other two :) thanks

    1. I'm glad you like the set. However, Gnomey and Abigail are not crochet. The gnome is needle felt. The mouse is clay and flocking. I provided a link to follow their story on my other blog at the bottom of the post but there is no pattern for them, sorry!

      There are a series of tiny animals that go with the tree though, I believe I put links to them all at the top or at the bottom of the tree pattern page.

  4. Not sure if you saw my project thanks to your inspiration. When my son (40 yrs old!!) saw the picture above, he asked me to make a set for him; check it out on Google+ under JoAnn Billitti

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