Better Wings For The Flying Monkey

Happy Sunday Friends!

I was so hoping to have this pattern done already but last night I was working through it and decided to make the wings better, ones that wouldn't curl up and also worked the vest and hat in 2 colors instead of one. There is a video in the works as well.. I''ll be busy doing this all day today and hope to have a pattern for you real soon.

Enjoy your day!


  1. здравствуйте!шарон благодаря вашим игрушкам я избавляюсь от стресса Спасибо Вам огромное!

  2. Exciting. This looks promosing.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  3. Thank you so much! It's going to be amazing...especially since you have put so much time and effort making it perfect! Love all your patterns!

  4. omgosh! he is going to be so adorable! i love the wizard of oz!!! you are so talented sharon and i love all of your patterns!


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