Why No Videos and My Next Pattern

Why no videos you ask?

For a couple years I was uploading videos almost every month  but then I stopped at the end of  March of this year. I can't believe it's been that long since I've made a video tutorial! But I do have good  reasons for the absence and one being life. Life does throw unexpected things our way from time to time. And from March to May it was pretty much out of my hands, I was dealing with some pretty important things and just had no time to film and edit videos. Then shortly after that something else was going on and then at the end of June I got a concussion which you can read about here if interested.

Anyway, life is going a bit more smoothly atm and I'm healing up from the concussion so it's time to focus on video tutorials once again! So far my entire career on youtube I've been using a free movie editing program that has been easy to use but produces a lower quality video. We all know that better quality is the best way to go. So I purchased a movie making program but the issue is how do I use it! I have been dreading the thoughts of editing. I played around with it when I first bought it and it lost me. I ended up putting it on the back burner until I had the courage to try again. I found some tutorials online that I can use so I'm going to bite the bullet and get on with it already. I'm pretty sure it looks more difficult than it really is and I just needed the energy to figure it out. And I'm going to try tonight which brings me to my next pattern release!

I need something small to start off with so last night I designed a little bear then today a koala using the same pattern. They're really just a spin off of one of my patterns from 2012 (not pictured). I tweaked a couple things but kept them small. I wanted something small and basic so I can test out this editing program using a pattern that doesn't have much to it and won't take hours and hours of filming.

From some of the requests I get I do realize that many people think it's pretty easy to throw a video together but it's actually very time consuming and a lot of work. It doesn't bother me that some people think this way because I never really thought about the time that went into videos while I watched them on youtube either until I started making my own.
I can spend up to 2 weeks on one video, working on it sometimes many hours a day. That's filming, editing and adding in the written parts. It's a lot of work but I absolutely love it. I really do.. not so much the editing part but the knowing it's going to help people get through something they never thought they could! That part is awesome.

Anyway, as far as the moose video that so many of you are asking for,  I'll do my best to get one filmed asap, I promise! But I need to start off with something smaller first so I can get familiar with this new program.  That's what I'm doing now with this tiny bear and koala. Thank you for you patience while I get this figured out. It will take a bit of time but I will succeed! 

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  1. You are an amazing lady. Putting so much effort in designing, making patterns, writing blogs and now again making video's to help others to learn and have fun with crochet.
    It 's all a lot of work we can't see and a lot of people don't know about.

    Thanks for all your work and inspiration, Margaret

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I would like to thank you again for what you share here and there.
    Thanks to you I have done 2 little crocheted bears for my nieces last Christmas. I never thought I'd be able to do such a thing.
    So again : many many thanks.
    Videos are better for beginners like me, but your health is far more important than crochet.

  3. dear sharon, you are great! your work, your patterns, your blog are great also! with love eva

  4. Oh boy, another pattern to try! I can't keep up with you but I'm so grateful for all your patterns and help.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your hardships this year. Many have been having great challenges this year, unfortunately. So just take your time getting your strength back and do what you do best...being YOU! I hope you have a beautiful and restful weekend! <3

  6. Dear Sharon,
    Could you please let me know how I can share a picture with you of my attempt of an elephant?
    Thanks, Wilma

  7. I love your patterns and video's! Thank you so much!!
    I hope to see your next video soon !!!
    With the best regards,
    Miranda from the Netherlands

  8. Dear Sharon, sorry to hear about your accident, glad you are feeling so much better, I would like to thank you for your free patterns. I used to paint animals on rocks and loved it but then my hands started shaking and I was unable to continue something I loved so much, I decided to look for some crochet patterns to fill my time and decovered your site, fell in love with your little animals, I now have a new love thanks so much

  9. Hi Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad bout of negativity :-( but I'm sure things are on the up for you :-) Thank you so much once again for another fabulous project. Hugs and Blessings, Sharon xx

  10. Sharon... just wanted to add my thanks and best wishes to the list. I have a little wool shop here in the UK and I cannot tell you how many people I have referred to your site. Your patterns are fantastic and the videos you do are so great particularly for those new to crochet and crochet patterns.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  11. Thank you thank you thank you for the patterns and videos! Without your video I would have never got though one of my first amigurumi . I appreciate everything you've taught me from you video. I'll put you in my prayers today.
    Thank you again.

  12. I think you are amazing Sharon!!!! I wish I had an ounce of your talent. I am sorry to hear about the concussion. As a child I was very accident prone and had several ( a couple of them I wasn't supposed to live through). Hope the editing program gets easier for you and makes things lots better for you as well. Have a blessed day and thanks for all that you do to make things easier for us!!!!

  13. Hello Sahron! You're right! Life brings good and bad things on our way. I've juste read your post about your accident and hope you'll get better and better. For my part, I woke up one mornig last June with a trouble at my left eye. It appears that I don't see at all with this eye and am about to have surgery in September. I was used to loom bands, and because of their tiny shapes, it came difficult for me to continue my creations. While looking for some other patterns on You Tube, I had a view of your channel on amigurumi and became fond of it. As I said on the vid comments, I tried your bear and mouse with a thin old yard, and got it right but not perfect. Now I am waiting for thicker yarn for no 5 or 6 crochets, and am looking forward to try one of your patterns again. Thank you so much for your instructions and d├ętailed steps. I sen you all the positive energy and thoughts, so that you get well soon and be able to do all that you wish : creations, vids, but in you personnal life as well. Take care and God bless ! Floflo 1512 - France

  14. Dear Sharon! I just want to thank you for offering your patterns for free! You are truly following the Lord's wish that we share our talents with other's! You are doing this in a wonderful way! Love all your patterns and I print everyone I can find! keep up the work of amigurumi's!

  15. I hope you are getting better. At the beginning when I read that you stopped filming. I was so disappointed. Cos I just start crocheting and while following your videos( the unnamed monster) I have so much fun. My husband helps me brush the hair and the tail. Even take over the kitchen to let me crochet. Thanks for your kind videos and please do stop uploading videos. My husband loves the snow monster. And ask me to do it as my second project. When will you film it? Thanks again for all you did. I am your fan now;-)

    1. awww thank you! Yes I am getting better, hardly any symptoms of the concussion left now :)

      And the snow monster was never really going to be a pattern for the public as I free styled that one and there's many parts that would be too hard to explain or have others follow. If I did a different snow monster pattern it would be sometime in 2016. My time is stretched pretty thin as I have so many projects on the go plus my own holiday things to do right now.

      Thanks for asking!


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