Rare Koala Bears Spotted in Canada

Two rare Koala bears spotted in Canada today. What makes them so rare is these "bears" have tails! And you can make one too, with this pattern  here.

yes I know koalas aren't bears and they don't have tails... it's ok... really. All the animals found here have lost their minds anyway. They're made out of yarn, they stand on 2 feet and they're all sorts of crazy colors. And some have taken to wearing clothes! It's like a nutty, yarny zoo...
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  1. Hi Sharon
    I was on my treadmill this morning when I read your description of these adorable koala bears. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the treadmill - I was walking slowly so no fear of injury. Anyway, these are soooooo adorable. I can't wait to start one. I've already made several of your creations and have started the elephant. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing with the world.

    Ellen from Texas

    1. lol, thanks so much Ellen!!

      I so enjoyed your message, truly! By a couple comments I got I think some were taking the Koala "bear" too serious, very awesome to hear the laughter instead :))

      And how great to know you were on the treadmill reading my blog, that just made my day, lol

      Thanks so much for the message and the compliments. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh Sharon I nearly died laughing!!! rare koala bears with tails!....hahaha. I can't wait until the kids get back to school so I can get back into my routine and crochet Wednesday group again as things have been pretty hectic here over the summer lol. You never know, one of those 'rare koala bears' might just turn up in Ireland! Thank you for the big belly laugh I might even call the local news channel to do a feature lol. Sorry I'll stop now xx

    1. lol, thanks so much!!

      I'm so hoping a rare Koala with a tail is spotted in Ireland!! Keep your camera handy, you might be able to provide the skeptics some proof!

      A great big happy hug from Canada :)

  3. Please be careful! Haven't you heard that if you pick a koala up by its tail it's eyes will drop out?!

    1. lol, yikes!
      I'll be careful for sure. Thanks for the warning ;)


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