Out of Stock

Out of Stock,

The dreaded notice you find in place of your favorite colors of yarn! My eyes have fallen upon this notice one too many times so now I get 2 of each. I actually brought 4 of those big wonderful balls of yarn back with me when I was in Calgary recently. My suitcase never looked so good!

Now I'm off to crochet the night away. Something I haven't been able to do in a very long time.

Happy Crocheting everyone!

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  1. Good for you Sha. :) Happy Crocheting too.

  2. So, what's on your hook? Care to share? :)

    1. I'm testing Jordy the Moose pattern so I can post it :)

  3. I LOVE the way Jordy the Moose came out and am looking forward to making a little family of Mooses? (Not sure the proper way of spelling more than one is it Meese or is it Mooses.. any way thank you so much Sharon Jordy is AWESOME..

  4. Just a recommendation to help you Sharon you should try to think about which little Bigfoot Series's you r going to make and what color you want them to be and when you get ready you go to the store right down the color that you want your little Bigfoot series to be that you are going to make and buy that yarn so you will not run out of stock so fast and you can buy different colors if you want of different ones or buy just one or two colors and make the ones of those two colors and do it that way that is what I do when I crochet I just figure out what I'm wanting to make with that yarn and I buy the color it's also cheaper since yarn is expensive


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