Couple Ideas To dress Your Wee Animals

I played around with some scraps of fabric, ribbons and eyelet trim. Some of the things looked very pretty so thought I'd pass along a couple ideas for you to dress your wee animals without spending too much time on them.

The eyelet trim width is 3cm. It's the perfect length for my latest animal patterns. You get an instant skirt with no sewing edges! You can find this in a fabric store and many times you can find it in thrift stores. I also cut the trims off old pillows, night gowns and so on that are being discarded.

Add in a folded scrap of fabric or use ribbon on the top. Works great!

Fox Dress Top:
You can also crochet the top which I did for one dress. I used crochet thread #10. I messed up the length so have no pattern for you aside from chain a length that will fit around the body then hdc across for a couple rows and then a finishing row of sc. I sewed the edge to the eyelet trim. The straps are a chain long enough to be sewn in on each end. Then a row of sc. The finishing row is ch2 then sc next st across to give a ruffled look. I sewed the top over a piece of fabric so you couldn't see through it then sewed the piece to the eyelet trim.

Fabric and crochet works best since you can sew it easily. Unless you have fabric ribbon I think the best way to attach ribbons it would be glue? Or maybe just tie it in a bow. The ribbon was just an idea so I'll leave the rest of the creative touches to you.

The wee animals are my latest free patterns found here. The fox pattern will be released today or tomorrow. See you soon!


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