Saturday, May 9, 2015

Monster Makes A Dandelion Wish

monster blowing on a dandelion

Do you remember when you were young and passed by a field of dandelions and saw endless wishes just waiting to be blown into the wind? Wishes to be carried away into the unknown where they come true. I remembered, and today I made wish. I hope you do too!

close up of a dandelion

If you don't have any where you are I went out to my very own backyard and found one for you. Go ahead make some wishes, now blow them into the wind. May all your wishes come true!

Monster's free pattern is here


  1. I remember ... :-)

    Have a nice sunday !!! Tinne


  2. Hi, Sharon! Hope you're having a great Sunday... (we're getting 'roasted' here in this day that seems a mid-summer rather than a Spring one... buuuufff)

    And yeah, I remember those dandelion wishes, would like to go and find one but it's absolutely impossible where I live, so... I'll accept your offer ;) , I wish I could spend some time in my native country -it's so far away from here (Spain) {Feeling homesick these days}

    1. I am enjoying the day, thank you!

      The sun has dipped behind the clouds so it's a bit cooler here.

      I understand your feelings well. Last year I left my Canadian home and went to Finland to see my family there. I really enjoyed myself but my children were not with me and when I looked at the map, the miles between Canada and Finland stretched on for eternity! I would look up at the moon each night and wish so much that my children were with me.
      On the day I returned I was so sad to leave Finland but so happy to return to my children! Next visit I will bring the little ones with me so I can feel at home :)

      I hope your wish comes true to spend time in your native country.. I will blow on that dandelion for you!


  3. May all your wished become true.

    Dear greetings, Margaret