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Happy Friday everyone! It's actually Good Friday today and what a good day it is! I was able to finish up my plastic Easter egg project.. well I have 3 projects to show you but this post is dedicated solely to the frog and his flies!

I have seen some projects done online with those plastic Easter eggs and I just love the idea so much that I came up with my own. I think a frog catching some flies is very fun indeed! My children LOVE this froggy and giggle each time they see the flies inside his tummy.

The flies are also plastic eggs and they hold 2 little chocolate eggs each..  No wonder that frog loves them, he's getting 2 chocolates with every gulp! And I've been re-filling those flies for half day now, lol.
"Mom! The flies are empty again!"

I found 3 different sizes of eggs, large medium and tiny. For this pattern I used a large and 2 tiny eggs.

Of course there will be a pattern but not until after Easter's over so don't throw out those plastic eggs this year! We have things to make with them. I also have Stacking Totoros and The Old Lady Who Swallowed The Fly linked below:

Old Lady Who Swallowed Flies
Stacking Totoros

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  1. Look forward to your pattern post... great idea

  2. Hmmmm....I have lots of plastic eggs. I don't think I have the large. Yet. I sure will look for some tomorrow. So stink'n cute.

  3. this is an great idea and is realy cute!

  4. can´t wait to get startet on this one... hope for a pattern here soon <3

  5. can´t wait to start on this .... hope a pattern will be released soon.

    had so much fun to make the big foot bunny.... desperate for more.

  6. I love this pattern I made the frog and fly with no egg cause I can not find the eggs you used for the frog. I have ordered many and they are way to big. Please tell me where to find these large eggs!!


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