Crochet Spirited Away Soot Sprite Sootball Gallery

 I'm a little obsessed!
If you've been following my blog at all you've already seen the bunch of Soot Sprites I made for my Totoros and the Catbus. Then just after that I made a Soot Sprite Christmas Tree!

All of them were inspired by the movie, My Neighbor Totoro. 

But have you ever seen Spirited Away? It is another one of Hayao's movies and it's fantastic! It also has Soot Sprites (sootballs) in it but those are working sprites that have arms and legs and carry coal.

His legs could be a little longer but I wanted these ones to be sturdy enough for posing in front of my stove so I made them on the short side and each leg has a wire. I didn't want him to fall into the fire pit while I took some photos, that would have been tragic indeed!

I would have made a few more but I'm running out of the fuzzy yarn I used. I hope to make a trip to town in the next few days to get more amigurumi making supplies. I say a few days as it's a day past Christmas and I just want to hang around the house with my kids and enjoy a few days off doing nothing but light housework and a little crochet on the side :)

Check back soon to see a bunch of sootball workers throwing coal into my stove and also a pattern for them of course!

Pattern for this Soot Sprite Worker is here


  1. I's terrific! I want one too!!

  2. I love Spirited Away! Thank you!

  3. Spirited away is awesome. Hayao Miyazaki is an amazing creator of anime and it would be neat to see some sequels to most of his works. Such as Spirited away.


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