More Updates and Revisions

I revised my little Blue Totoro pattern!

As most of you know I've been busy this year revising some of my older patterns. And I have been trying my best to get through as many of them as I can before 2015 arrives without rushing through them, since the whole point of the revisions is to make them better so no point in rushing!
Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I decided I would get the Blue Totoro done since it's small and didn't need much work to revise it. And then I remembered I had promised to release the pattern for the tiny white one but I never did! Gasp, that was in February of 2013!! I completely forgot about that so no promises this time around, I already got a pattern hammered out and it's ready for posting! Yay! So I managed a 2 for 1 :)
I always wanted to make different colored Totoros and you can see I've made my own wishes come true, haha every night when I have a few moments to spare I have made a new Totoro. They are so much fun and quick to make!

So this week is full of releases.  I already got the Little Bigfoot Lion posted with a partial video. Tomorrow the Christmas Hat and Scarf video will be on youtube and the Totoros will be in the next couple days. I can see bunches of them in x-mas stockings already! I'm so excited to bring you this revision and also the never before released white Totoro!

I do have the pattern for the Catbus right here and it has a video too, unfortunately the video is poor quality. I don't know why it uploaded like that. I'd love to re-film it one day!

Well, that's my updates and it's time for me to get some sleep. Goodnight Friends!


  1. Love all your patterns and thanks for sending them out for free. I love crocheting and so glad that you keep making new ones. Thanks again

  2. My son got me a new super duper TV for Christmas. He gave it to me early so I can watch the Christmas programs. Of course I went right to Sharon's Tutorials. WOW just like she is sitting beside me. I have been working along with her doing Totoros. What are they?. They are so cute. She is one great teacher. I am going to print the pattern out now. I was too excited to follow along and kept on doing stupid things. I can't get the little Vs on the tummy looking like hers. I can't get them in a straight row like she does. Luv you Sharon you are the greatest. On to the Totoros.

    1. oh wow!! What a super great gift, I'm so happy for you!!

      I'm so honored and touched that you are watching my tutorials with your new tv, that just means so much to me!! I can't even tell you <3

      Totoros are a character from Japan, according to the fable they can only be seen by children. It was made into a movie and it's called "My Neighbor Totoro" I can't leave a link in the comments here but if you google that you can watch part of it on youtube. Search for "My Neighbor Totoro English Trailer" There is a Japanese version so make sure to look for the English version :))

      A very Merry Christmas to yo and a great 2015!!

      Much love,
      Sharon Ojala


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