How A Yarn Doodle Was Born

I was quietly crocheting enjoying some time alone with my yarn and out of the corner of my eye I saw a sootball running as fast as the speed of lightening! And then I saw it! A collision was about to happen, there was a big ball of yarn in it's path but it must not have seen the big ball of yarn or it didn't have time to stop because it hit that yarn ball head on! I closed my eyes to this horror show unfolding in front of me and I heard a soft "swoosh" and the sound of a yarn ball tumbling
across the floor. I opened my eyes and out popped a yarn doodle!

And that my Friends is how the yarn doodle was born!

As soon as I get the pattern written up for the sootball I will add the modifications I made so you can also make a yarn doddle. It's Christmas break and I am enjoying a little time off from pattern writing.. just a few days and I'll get back into the swing of things. Having some quiet time here at home with my children and it's just marvelous!


  1. I love it, can't wait for the video!

  2. Oh my god, you're so talent , Happy new year and thank you for all these amazing Pattern.

  3. I just love your cute little creations.Thank you for generously sharing them with us. I couldn't afford to buy Christmas gifts for my family this year so I made some of your amigurumis and they absolutely LOVED them! Your videos were so easy to understand and my creatures turned out so good. I will defintely be donating as soon as I have the means. Thank you so much Sharon. :)


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