Lions and Updates

Popping in with an update!

The lion pattern is almost ready for posting. I went through it again and this time tried out a different way to attach the mane and I think it just took longer so the conclusion is, no matter how you do it, the mane will take a couple hours but the results are worth it!

I will have the pattern posted asap (I can't give a date, sorry) with a partial video. Right now time is an issue for me so I can't promise a complete video but it will for
sure cover parts such as attaching the mane and sewing the doll together.

  • Next pattern release will be the LBF Lion as pictured above
  • Next full video release will be the Christmas hat & scarf that will go with the written pattern (see pictures of my amigurumi in their x-mas hats and pick up pattern here)

I'm doing my very best to get all these things done so just bear with me and of course I update my facebook page with as soon as any of my patterns are ready so keep watch!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Patterns are courtesy of Sharon Ojala of Amigurumi To Go. Free for all to enjoy! You may sell finished products. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will help keep the patterns free. So far over 83 free patterns & video tutorials and many more to come. Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. You are awesome! Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm making an orangutan version of your Little Big Foot Monkey right now.

  2. Your patterns are so very pleasing and awesome...people comment more on what I crochet, doing your patterns, then any other patterns that I do. I have even been asked to enter my crocheting, but your pattern in the County Fair because here in rural America they have not seen Amigurumi yet. But of course if I do I will always put your name first, your website too. I will only have my name down as the one who crocheted. Thank you for sharing your life and crocheting magic!

    1. oh wow!! .. thank you! I'm so glad you have been enjoying the patterns, that just means so much to me and what a thrill to hear how others are responding too. I couldn't be more pleased.

      I wish you all the best with your entries into the fair, that sounds exciting. Amigurumi is making its way around the world and that is wonderful. I'm so glad you will be a part of it, showing amigurumi to those who are unfamiliar and thanks for bringing me along too!

      You're welcome but most important thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it so much.

      All the best,
      Sharon Ojala

  3. Hai Sharon... I' m monika from Indonesia. I want to say thank u very much for your video tutorial. Becouse of it, I become love crochet especially amigurumi. I like your pattern very much. I' v made elephant, giraffe, some mice and now I' m making panda. I want to share the photos on your FB but internet connection where I live not good enough. I'lll try and try again to upload them.......Thank u.... :)

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  5. I can't wait to make these! My niece will love it!

  6. Love the lion pattern. How do I make it smaller? Thank you.

    1. use a smaller hook and thinner (lighter weight) yarn. I also have a 6inch lion pattern, it's from 2012, one of my first little bigfoot designs right here


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