Different Bear Same Pattern

I spent the last 2 nights getting the Remembrance Day Bears ready for posting which I managed to do and just in time! I posted the pattern at 5:30am this morning.. yes, I stayed up all night to get it done in time, haha it's a crazy amigurumi life! But I had a nap today so I feel refreshed :)
If you missed it, the new pattern is right here
Anyway, I want to show you that with the same pattern can make different bears... it's not just for Remembrance Day.  I've been working on the red and blue bears today.

There's no difference between this pattern and the Remembrance Day pattern, I made no changes at all except for the hook size. I made both the new ones with a 4.0mm (G) hook. and Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

And I was asked if the bears could be made without the toes and yes the toes are optional.

Ok, that's the latest from my yarn stash..
come back soon to see if the Remember Me Bears are done!


  1. Just in time. Thank you so much Sharon. :)

  2. Love to see the same things made up in different colors. It's really inspiring. The bears are adorable.

  3. I love this and have completed this bear to honor my Father-In-Law who received a purple heart during the Normandy Landing. I need more on assembly. I've learned a lot from your videos and just need more on this little guy for assembly. Sheila G

    1. Hi Sheila, I finished the video tutorial today and it's now uploading to youtube. It takes many hours to upload but should be viewable by tomorrow morning if not sooner. I'll be posting here on my blog when it's published :)

  4. hi sharon you are so talented and you help so much with your patterns thank you for sharing your gift you are the best


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