Next Pattern to be Released

Hello friends,

I'm so pleased to tell you I will have a free pattern in time for this year's Remembrance Day! I didn't know if I could do it as once again my time is stretched thin but I worked every minute I could today and then into the evening and now here it is 3:30am and finally the little bear was born from a ball of camouflage yarn! And he's adorable :)

I will have no trouble falling asleep now but I think I might have a little trouble getting up in time to make breakfast for my children before school in just a few short hours, haha but I have to say it was well worth the loss of sleep tonight. I just love this little guy and I hope you will too!

I  also quickly tried to make a poppy.. I think it needed one for the photo but it's a little wonky so if I can't hammer out a good poppy pattern by the time I get the bear pattern ready for release I'll make sure to find a good easy one to follow from
online out there. I did a quick google  search and there's many!
Here's a picture I took before I made a poppy and gave him a heart to hold that I had made a long time ago from one of my free heart patterns that's available here on my blog...

OK, that's it folks, I have to go close my eyes now but do come back on Nov 11th for the pattern!

Goodnight :)


  1. What a sweet bear. A cute little bear as a reminder of the terrible event on 10 November 2013. What a beautiful thought! The heart symbolizes love, and bear the necessary force. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Nice week, greetings Tinne

  2. I love your blog and the fact you home school your children. Thank you for sharing your bear with us who follow your blog and I can hardly wait to do the pattern myself. I do hope you get more sleep. Thanks again.


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