Bunny With Glasses

Just stopping by with a little amigurumi love and an update,

I was putting something away in my room and I saw this cute little guy with his glasses on and I thought I'd post him up for you all to see and at the same time update you on where I've been :)

I've been real busy the last little while with a dollhouse project (and other things of course) and every spare moment I've been getting has been going into this dollhouse . Today I have to finish up just a few things on the house then I will take a break from it because I can feel the yarn calling me!

The bunny you see above is already a free pattern and video tutorial right here and the glasses are also a free tutorial here.

I'll be releasing a panda pattern next so come back soon!


  1. I now have Bigfoot Monkey and the Mouse from your tutorials and am looking for the next one. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. A big thank you. Audrey


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