Amigurumi By Oil Lamp

A Pioneer for a night,
Tonight I was busy filming the video tutorial for the Big Pig and at the same time there was wind storm happening outside. It wasn't a bad storm just a bit of wind (so I thought) but suddenly everything went dark.
The children quickly gathered where I was and together we waited for about 5 minutes for the lights to come back on but no such luck! So I got out my old oil lamps and we moved ourselves to the living room. There we talked and laughed and told stories while I crocheted another project I had on the go, the Purple Little Bigfoot Panda. I felt like a pioneer working away by the small flicker of an oil lamp, with the children gathered around me feeling safer by  mama, lol. And by the time the lights came back on I was pretty much done everything but the eyes and the tail.
It turned out to be a great night! I really enjoyed myself. I had some light, yarn and my children... what more could a pioneer ask for :)

Now it's late and time to turn the lights out. But before I sign off I should add that I do have a miniature Purple Panda pattern already available right here and this bigger panda that I worked on this evening will get released sometime in the near future. Thankfully the lights went out and gave me the opportunity to work on it and get it that much closer to being the finished pattern.

If you want some free patterns right now then look to the right side of this page, scroll down a ways until you see the top ten patterns this week, they will be in pictures then scroll a bit further to get to the label list. There's many, many free patterns to be found there!

Goodnight everyone :)



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