Cute Elephant Video Tutorial In The Works

Meet the new Little Bigfoot Elephant!

For those of you following this blog you know that I am going through each of my Little Bigfoot original designs from 2012 and updating each pattern.

So far I got Little Bigfoot Bunny and Little Bigfoot Monkey all done and  new video tutorials on my youtube channel. I'm looking forward to having the
Elephant, bear and pig done and then I can do a before and after picture!

Today I worked out the final details for the new elephant design and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to keep as much of the old characteristics that I could but he did end up with a new set of ears, a new head shape, a new trunk and new tail.

And those of you who have made all the older patterns from 2012 you know that all the heads and bodies were the exact same but this time around each animal I've redesigned so far has a different head shape from the next giving each one some individuality and their own personality. I'm enjoying this 2014 series so much and I hope you are too!

Tomorrow I start filming the Little Bigfoot Elephant tutorial. It takes about a week or so to film and edit these videos so check back soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I am a new follower and half way through my Little Bigfoot Bunny which I am loving. Now I have seen this one is on the way I can't wait to have a go at that one too…..I might make mine in to a pink elephant just to be different!

    Sharon x

    1. Hi Sharon!

      I'm happy to read your comment today, so glad to hear you are enjoying the Bunny pattern. I actually have a pink elephant on my hook right at this moment.. just attaching the ears and she looks really cute! I'll have about 4 elephants when I'm done in different colors, pink, blue, grey and I haven't decided yet on the 4th (it's a toss up between yellow & purple, lol) . I hope to get the video done and pattern posted very soon :))

  2. These are sooo cute! Thank you so much! My new granddaughter will love them!

  3. I loved this cute little pattern. It was very easy to understand. I was going to make a donation but thought that instead, I would buy some of your patterns. Do you have any to sell or are all of them free?


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