Easter Bunny Finds Carrot

A carrot growing up out of the ground! Nature is amazing :)

Well, this was going to be a whole carrot but I only had a small bit of orange yarn left so I had to give the carrot a patch of earth so I could at least try out my little idea of a carrot pouch. It worked out well, meaning my daughter approves so I'll end up making this a pattern as well as a full carrot too!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend! I was given the gift of extra crochet time this weekend. My young son spent time with my parents and my daughter went for a sleep over. So me and my yarn had a great time staying up way too late together and then we even slept in too.

Anyway, as soon as time allows I'll get a pattern up.. fingers crossed I can do this before Easter. I've got lots on the go right now but I'll try my best! If not, you can still make the Bunny because that's a free pattern with a video tutorial right here

Happy Sunday ~