Redesigning Little Bigfoots

Little Bigfoot Collection
2012 -2014
missing from this photo are the
Giraffe, Turtle and Hippo

For those of you who haven't read yet, I have started redesigning my Little Bigfoot patterns. The Bunny is done and it now has a full video tutorial on youtube! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'm doing my best to keep all
the original characteristics that people loved about them but make each pattern more user friendly.
For example the feet and legs are the same row count as in 2012 but this time around I decreased the rows differently and now there's no gaps in the stitches and I think it'll be easier for the beginner to decrease the rows now. The other big change is now the head and body are worked in one piece which means less sewing!

I did completely change the ears on the bunny and I think that was a good choice and I also added in the pom pom tail.

Tonight I'm working on the monkey. Most of his pattern is done and I just have to do the eye patches. Tomorrow I start filming his video tutorial. The Little Bigfoot Monkey has been an all time favorite for my viewers. Ever since I released his pattern in 2012 it has maintained a spot in the top 10 most visited patterns on my site and never has been out of the top 10. His video has had over one  hundred thousand views! Amazing! So I am very excited to get this new and improved video done and uploaded to youtube asap :)

UPDATE!! The new Little Bigfoot Monkey pattern is here and video is here

Ok, enough talking about it, I'm off to get those eye patches done.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. The new bunny design looks cuter (if possible) than the old one!

    1. Thanks!! I totally agree
      I'm so excited with the new bunny design :)

  2. I have a couple of ideas for you! While working the new bunny pattern, my mind wandered and I was able to turn it into a bee! I am trying to capture a good pic to send you. I will try and write down my notes and email them to you. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. thank you!
      I actually do have Little Bigfoot bugs in the plan.. they will be coming after I get through this redesign of the original characters. I've been planning them for a while but need to get these guys done..
      I would love to see your bee for sure, sounds so cute!! I love bees, they are one of my most favorites <3

  3. I love patterns where the head and body are one piece!!! You rock!

  4. These are super cute animals thank you so much for sharing the patterns!

  5. Will you be redesigning your larger mice (red riding hood set) to have the head and body all in one?

    1. no, that would be very hard the way the mouse head is made..
      I'm only re-designing the Little Bigfoots because I designed them so long ago when I was still kind of new to designing patterns and I wanted to make some of the parts easier for people.. like the feet and some of the muzzles, ears .. things like that. And the way they are designed it was easy to make the head and body all one piece so thought I'd include that while I was at it :)

  6. Thank you! Love all of your patterns , there put together so well and, so easy to follow. There all so simple and to the point. I love the new bunny ears. I even used the bunny ear pattern for my daughters bunny phone case I made her. Super cute. Keep up the awesome work your doing! I would love to see more cute dress me up dresses if possible. And again thank you for sharing your patterns and keep up your awesomeness .


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