Monkey Comforts Bear

crochet monkey and bear

Do amigurumi speak to you too or have I been playing with yarn too long?

Use the search bar and type in "Sick Sock Monkey" and "wheelchair" Both those patterns are available for free.


  1. The sweetest ever!! Cant wait for it to come out!! Love all your work Sharon and it is SO MUCH aprieciated!!! Thank You from my heart!!

  2. Aaaaww. SO stinkin' usual. I just want to say that I am OBSESSED with your patterns. I just learned to crochet in January and I've been a yarn FOOL since I discovered your site and YT videos. So far, I have done two and a half mice (a greyish blue male and white female with pink eyes and a brown one with no limbs because I ran out of yarn, lol), a sock monkey (finished him yesterday), a ghost doll, a Wybie (my favorite), a Wuss Puss with b-b-button eyes, and a little chubby fox. I can't wait for your newest ones! Keep 'em coming. You've got a fan here, heh :)

  3. It' s so lovely and I can't wait to see the bear when it's finished!


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