Video How To Make Amigurumi Fuzzy

I've been having a lot of  fun the last couple of days giving these kitty cats fuzzy coats! It's super easy to do and requires very little time, effort or money. And in true Amigurumi To Go fashion I put together a little video tutorial and you can watch that here.

The cats posted below were each made using my own Wuss Puss pattern and each were given a fuzzy coat using the technique in this video tutorial

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Supplies Needed:
amigurumi made from acrylic yarn
slicker brush or nap raiser

A nap raiser is designed to pull fibers upwards and it's the smaller brush pictured below with no handle. A slicker brush can be found in most pet shops. Both brushes have the same bristles so they will do the same job. And each one can be purchased for under 10 dollars. I use both a lot, but really only one is needed.

For some amigurumi it might be easier to brush out some parts before they are sewn in place. It depends on what you are making. If you are adding in eyelids or felt eyes then you need to brush the head out first then add the eyes in. If you are gluing felt pieces on be sure to trim off any fuzz in that area before adding the felt.

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  1. Sharon what do you use to stuff your characters?

  2. can you make a cat like the mouse that has no legs like a siting cat or laying down or just super cute by like 5 year old girl cute stranded my little sister wants one and i would really like that please.

    1. this is the same person from that question and i found something that i was thinking for this and there was no written pattern and thats what like best could you make me one please heres the website


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