Monday, February 17, 2014

Coraline Patterns Update Plus New Heart Pattern

crochet doll with crochet cat

Revised Wuss Puss in the works! Well, actually I finished revising it late last night and now just need to film the video tutorial. For those of you who don't know, Wuss Puss is Wybie's feral cat in the movie Coraline. Wuss Puss almost completes
this pattern series.
I also have a ghost child pattern too that I designed in 2011 but I'm not sure if I will include that one in the revision patterns. I have plans to include a couple more Coraline characters *fingers crossed* so the ghost pattern might get left as is because time is zipping by so fast and I have too many plans and not enough time!

Revised Coraline with video tutorial right here
Revised Wybie with video tutorial right here

Oh, and also I have 2 more heart patterns coming out in the next couple days. My original heart pattern that I released on Valentine's Day this year is a small one and I've had a few requests for one slightly larger. The small one can not be enlarged without losing it's shape so I've been working on these ones. The heart shape is a difficult shape to work on but stitch by stitch I think I finally got it! It's almost perfect too just a slight dip on the one side that drives me a bit batty but I think it'll be ok  So watch this site in the next day or so and the almost perfect heart pattern will be waiting for you!

purple yellow and green crochet hearts

Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I don't know the characters but it looks great. The cat is very funny (it's a cat, isn't it?)