Wuss Puss and Friends Pattern Coming Soon

3 crochet alley cats

Finally I can say the official Wuss Puss pattern is now completely done, the video has been filmed and edited and I just have to upload it to youtube. And once the final pictures are edited for the written pattern then it will be released! So happy!!  Watch this blog or my youtube channel in the next day or so. UPDATE! The pattern and video are now posted. See here

Wuss Puss is the black cat and he is a character in the movie Coraline. The other 2 cats I made with Wuss Puss' pattern so he could have friends... every cat needs a friend, right?! If you think of a name for one or both of the new cats please leave a comment!

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  1. I just love your patterns and can't wait for this one

  2. They are soooo cute!! The white one is of course a GURL, and her name should be Bianca.

  3. I love them! That brown one looks like a misbehaving Scavenger. ;)

  4. Thank you!! Just made the creepiest looking cat haha! Great pattern, the legs are genius.

    1. lol, that's awesome, I'm so glad to hear it. And thank you!


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